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Your new hangout, The Hangar

19 Sep 2012 • 3 Comments

Flight Coffee's latest project is cleared for takeoff.

The Flight Coffee Hangar has opened on the corner of Dixon Street and Willis Street, serving up caffeine any which way you like it.

Formerly a cold and dreary multi-car garage, the massive roller door now reveals a cafe which I have heard described as "so Instagrammable".

The storefront runs flush with the footpath and floor-to-ceiling windows let light fill the space. The exposed concrete and rough hewn wood panels give the place an industrial-chic feel, complemented by the enormous roastery contraption at the back of the room.

On the long countertop a new espresso machine gleams. A couple of weeks ago I caught up with Nick from Flight Coffee and he told me that this prized purchase was "ridiculously expensive" but utterly worth it because "it treats the coffee way differently". Something to do with the control the barista has over extraction - which is far too technical for me, but it sure does look pretty.

There are tables set up with a view of the street for those of whom people-watching is a priority, or you can embed yourself in one of the booths against the wall, perfect for in-depth gossip sessions.


As well as having your coffee made to order for dine in or takeaway, you can also buy coffee direct here and whip up Flight goodness in your own home.

And the team can tell you the whole story behid the beans. I try a woody and sweet cup of coffee which I'm told originated in Costa Rica at the family-run Herbazu estate.

Nick and the Flight Coffee team have an ethos which runs through everything they do. Direct relationships with growers is essential to them, and they're willing to put in the effort and travel time to ensure this.

"Traceability is key," Nick tells me. He'd rather they stock a minimal range from suppliers they know well. His enthusiasm for this approach to business is as infectious as the grin that covers his face as he talks about doing what he loves.

Plan your path to land in The Hangar and get to know your coffee better too!

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The Hangar

The Flight Coffee Hangar is the showcase cafe and cocktail bar for the attractive coffee nerds of Flight Coffee.

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  • Bel 26/09/2012 8:05am (5 years ago)

    Yes, Laura, there is a cabinet with a selection of sweet and savoury goodies. Nick described their offerings as "yum little treats to complement the coffee!"

  • Ryan Jennings 20/09/2012 8:38pm (5 years ago)

    Thanks for the update on Flight Coffee Bel. The Flight guys have something unique, are something unique and most importantly pour something unique. In future years, coffee lovers will trace back the transformation of how coffee is perceived to the opening of the Hangar. Goodbye commodity, hello premium beam brands. Yes I'm a believer... Richard Corney made it so back in January when Iet him at the Onekawa precursor to the Hangar. Full article here:

    I'm looking forward to getting back to Wellington and checking in on the Hangar. Thanks for sharing your article.

  • Laura Jones 20/09/2012 7:20pm (5 years ago)

    Looks lovely - is there food too?

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