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Five minutes with Dai Henwood

15 Apr 2015


We had a quick chat with Wellingtonian funny guy, Dai Henwood, to find out what his favourite bits about Wellington are just before he kicks off his brand new show, DaiGression.

  1. What's your favourite thing about performing in Wellington?
    Having intelligent crowds who are really into it. Wellington crowds are very aware and keen to get involved in a show. There is a great cross section of people in Welly from Government departments to Uni students to your bog standard bogans. I love them all and I love performing in my home town
  2. What do you look forward to the most when you come back to the capital?
    Family and friends. I am a born and raised Wellingtonian so always look forward to getting back home. Especially as the city is changing so much. I love discovering new bars and restaurants and seeing the randoms sifting around Cuba street.
  3. Does one Wellington venue reign supreme in your eyes? Why?
    The State Opera House. It is majestic, it has so much history and when it is full it is the best venue in NZ without a doubt. I have seen great shows there as well as stand out concerts. It also has a personal touch to me. My father was performing there when I was born and it was the first place I went after leaving the hospital before I went home. It put the theatre in my blood
  4. What do you remember most about your first gig in Wellington?
    I remember showing up early to check out the venue, (I can’t say where it was because I don’t want to get anyone in trouble) I couldn’t find the venue manager and after about half an hour I heard a rustling behind the bar. The manager rose up like a zombie, I later found out he was tripping on LSD, and showed me the stage. Then during the show he started handing out frozen pies to everyone in the crowd. It certainly was an interesting first Wellington show.
  5. What was the best heckle you received in Wellington?
    Probably “Where’s the strippers?” We had a stag do in from Lower Hutt and most of them were so drunk they had forgotten then were in a comedy club not a strip joint. Still I got $20 tucked in my undies so who is the winner there?
  6. Where can you find the best Wellington crowd?
    There are two places, The San Francisco Bathhouse, especially when I am on from May 30 - April 9. Also VK’s Comedy and Blues is a great spot for a good crowd plus awesome comedy and music
  7. What’s your favourite Wellington beverage and where would you enjoy it most?
    My favourite Wellington beverage which is becoming harder and harder to find is just a normal beer in a green bottle. Wellington has been infected with Craft Beer recently. Library Bar, Motel and Poquito are my favourite spots for a drink.
  8. Name your ultimate (Wellington) midnight snack.
    If Chow is still open I will always eat there and eat everything off the menu! Love Chow. Get involved.
  9. Where’s the best caffeine fix in Wellington?
    Fidels. Have loved that place since I was in Uni.
  10. What do you think visitors to Wellington should have on their ‘must-do’ list?
  11. Go on, give us your best Wellington joke.

There you have it folks!

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