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Local essentials with Bonnie Brown from Counter Journal

By Rhett 13 May 2019 • 1 Comments

circle image Bonnie Brown

Bonnie Brown knows the importance of storytelling in a community and always makes time to listen. The importance of listening to a good yarn is essentially why Counter Journal was born, a new publication launched by Bonnie and her partner, Zack Holmes.

The most interesting stories you never knew you wanted to read

I love learning about what makes someone passionate, and there are so many people in Wellington who are passionate about what they’re doing that it was a no-brainer to share these stories. The magazine is a real mixed bag, covering everything from opinion pieces, fashion, art, writer musings, interviews and so much more. We’re a national magazine with a Wellington flavour. In our pilot issue, we shared some beautiful Wellington stories, like those of Elisha Watson from Nisa, Irene Wakefield from Prepair and hip hop artist Emanuel Psathas (AKA Name UL) to name a few.  

Untitled design 2019 05 13T120053.780
Gina Kiel's Wrestler mural on Jessie Street

A Welly yarn

Wellington has such a great 'start up' and 'give it a go' kind of culture. Some of Welly’s success stories come from friends who weren’t afraid to take a chance on their ideas like Garage Project and twenty-seven names. Everyone is so open to sharing their successes, their failures and all the things they have learnt along the way, which makes telling these stories so easy.

Creative flow

I love that illustration is essentially another method of storytelling. I’ve always been creative but I didn’t really discover my passion for illustration until after I finished my architecture degree and was feeling fairly uninspired by the day to day monotony. Using illustration and sharing my work online was a great way to get some of this creativity back in my life.

Untitled design 2019 05 13T115141.463
Oriental Bay

Fresh air

When it’s cold out I love getting super rugged up, grabbing a coffee and going for a wander along the waterfront toward Oriental Bay. I spend a lot of my days working from my home studio so I jump at any excuse to get outside.

Daily fix

My go-to coffee is always an almond flat white and my apartment is right next door to Tomboy, so at this point I practically live there. I think I went there the day they first opened and haven’t stopped since. I love that it literally feels like having coffee in a friend’s house (albeit way better coffee than any of my friends could make), and Kate [Marinkovich, Tomboy owner and baker] makes the best cheese scones in the city. We actually managed to rope Kate into sharing an amazing soup recipe in our May issue of Counter Journal.

Untitled design 2019 05 13T115512.903
35b at Precinct 36 on Ghuznee Street
Untitled design 2019 05 13T115646.262
Kowtow's flagship store on College Street

Inspiration station

City Gallery Wellington will always be my favourite place to see art, it was the first gallery I visited when I moved to Welly so it has a special place in my heart. I also love the changing exhibitions on at Precinct 35, a beautiful interiors shop on Ghuznee Street. You can also view lots of street art on a walk around town, I enjoy anything by Gina Kiel. I love that you can spot a piece by Gina instantly - my favourite pieces are the Wrestler mural on Jessie Street and the one in Cable Car Lane.

Fav threads

Kowtow. Their success is such a testament to the quality of their products, I honestly feel 100% cooler when I’m wearing Kowtow. I also love their local collaborations, too - their Yvette Edwards floral display a few months ago was absolutely dreamy in the space [their flagship store on College Street]. From an interior point of view, I really love all the spaces Rufus Knight has worked on so Aesop on Featherston Street is a close second for my favourite Welly store.

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  • Lorne Perry on 19 May 2019

    I spent time in Wellington back in 1950, My best friends were two immigrants from Yugolavia, Peter and Leo. Lovely people in a lovely country, I returned to N.Z. years later and now my friends have passed and I would still return ieven thoug it's a long way from Nova Scotia. Cheers

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