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Top 5 upcoming Wellington musicians

19 Dec 2018 • 2 Comments

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The local music scene has contributed massively to the artsy little capital that is Wellington. Home to hundreds of lively bars and venues which are constantly hosting gigs, it is virtually impossible to walk down the street without hearing some sort of live music.

Wellington is home to many incredible artists, from underground hip-hop groups and metal bands, to singer-song writers and full-sized orchestras. Here’s five upcoming local artists that you really need to check out.

la women 1000x700
L.A. Women


 L.A. Women are a three-piece, mellow-electronic/pop band from Masterton with an international following. Their first single, Hurricane Love, was released in 2016 and received a massive following on Spotify (over 4.5 million listens to date) and an MTV premier for the music video.

L.A. Women’s internet success helped land them a record deal with Universal Island Records and their own recording studio in Auckland. When they’re in Wellington, L.A. Women play at Meow and San Fran Bathhouse and they’re currently accompanying indie-pop band, GLADES, on their Australian tour, but will back in time to play New Zealand’s biggest New Year’s Eve festival, Rhythm & Vines in Gisborne.

Watch L.A. Women’s track, Conscience


chronic shnxman 1000x700


The perfect mix of death-core and hip-hop, 24-year-old Wellingtonian Chronic Shnxman, puts everything he’s got into his dark, gritty, 808-fuelled music. Chronic takes his influences from deathcore, death metal, hardcore and progressive metal.

This year alone, Chronic has released a full-length album, two EPs and has played multiple shows across the country, winning over more and more fans with every show he plays. When not touring, Chronic Shnxman can be found in the grungiest bar in Wellington, Valhalla

Chronic describes his next cut-throat release HELLSTORM EP X DOZY DOE as, “our ode to deathcore, death metal, hardcore and progressive metal” “We both found our love for heavy, live music through NZHC [New Zealand Hardcore] - a scene we still take a huge amount influence from.”

Check out Chronic Shnxman’s track, KICKING AND SCREAMING


josie moon 1000x700
Josie Moon


After starting in lo-fi bedroom pop, Wellington singer, Josie Moon, made her commercial debut in August with her EP, Rose Tinted, which gained her over 30,000 Spotify monthly listeners. 

A huge advocate for the mental health of musicians in New Zealand, Josie draws massive inspiration from musicians who write and produce their own music, such as The 1975, Agust D and Grimes. She says “I think it’s something that I’m constantly aiming toward with my own growth and progression as an artist.”

Josie recently opened for Australian artist, Tash Sultana and has previously performed at Wellington venues including Meow, Caroline, MOON 1 as well as the Newtown Festival.

Check out Josie’s track, Call Me


Bakers Eddy 1000x700
Bakers Eddy


Local Wellington skater boys, Bakers Eddy, have made a huge contribution to Wellington’s punk-rock scene with almost 10 years’ worth of music, including their most recent EP “I’m not making good decisions”.

These guys subscribe to a happy-go-lucky mentality and to the mentality that ‘if you do what you love for a job you'll never work a day in your life’. Bakers decided to take their incredible music overseas to Melbourne where their following is growing more and more every day - but we’re still claiming them as Wellington’s own!

Have a listen to Bakers Eddy’s track Sad & Happy (and feel sad and happy that they’ve moved to Melbourne).


Merrin 1000x700


Wellington band, MERRIN incorporates the goodness of high energy rock with soul and passion. A rock-focused band with an edge defined by a distinctive guitar sound, some of their influences include, but are certainly not limited to Eddie Van Halen, Billy Sheehan, and a whole bunch of musical whānau along the way.

As well as headlining their own tours around New Zealand, they’ve played support to iconic acts Fuel, P.O.D and Seether and performed to big crowds at City of Song Family Concert in the Park in Upper Hutt.

MERRIN released their debut album in 2017 which entered the New Zealand charts and remained there for three weeks. The band has taken time out from live gigging for the second half of this year to focus on writing and getting ready for 2019.

Check out MERRIN’s track, Sin

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  • Tony McDonald on 7 Jan 2019

    I think Pale Lady & Lucifer Gunne should be on this list. Great bands. Especially live.

  • margaret roche on 6 Jan 2019

    You should also check out Noemi. Awesome singer songwriter.

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