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Long live Logan Brown

By Heather 9 Sep 2015

LB PauaRavioli

With their recent Flaxen Feathers dish win for Visa Wellington On a Plate, and two hats awarded in the Cuisine NZ Good Food Awards again (one of only two restaurants outside of Auckland with two), Logan Brown excels year in and year out.

But quietly through the last 6-9 months, they’ve also sliced and diced their menus a little, to ensure there’s something for everyone. Alongside the specialty dining they now offer:

  • Their signature paua raviolo by the piece as a taster – perfect as a bar snack with a glass of wine (minimum two pieces).
  • A Friday Five O’Clock oyster bar where Shaun (Clouston, Executive Chef and owner) shucks while chatting with customers.
  • A $30 dessert and cocktail deal – again ideal in the bar area (points for identifying my friend in the picture below who I met at the bar).
  • Mains under $40, with a little less complexity so you don’t have to google the ingredients.
  • A dessert tasting platter to share or smaller sweet bites to finish.
  • Cheeses at a flat $10 per portion so you can choose what you like.
  • A kids Junior Sous Chef menu at $19.50 pp ($15 in the holidays).
  • Additional lunch days (Wednesdays and Thursdays) for enjoying their three-course $45 bistro menu.
  • A loyalty club, where you can load up to three EFTPOS/Credit cards against a unique e-token so that points automatically accrue when you use any one of those cards (able to be done online).
  • And coming soon, monthly Sunday Jazz brunches.
LB beasty

Wow. So I decided to truck along and see what a mid-week casual dinner might feel like now.

The drinks menu is a little easier to navigate. Beers by the category and wines by the glass are up front (most of those only in the $30’s and $40’s if buying by the bottle), with the cellar wines a page or two over. The cocktail list has also had a makeover and there’s a good range of affordable non-alcoholics. I can thoroughly recommend ‘The Bank’s Closed’ cocktail. 

Next came complimentary house-baked breads and local Olivo oil, both delicious. Do keep some for mopping up entrée or main sauces and don’t eat it all if you’re eyeing up a number of courses (I discovered to my detriment later!).

The entrees still felt a little more complex with ingredients like salmon biltong and yuzu marmalade, and sit around the $27-$29 range. The standout on the duck and pheasant entrée was the pheasant sausage, and the standout on the pumpkin pappardelle with roasted beets, local walnuts and truffle was the pappardelle itself. Do tell the wait staff whether you want a fast or slow experience (we ended up doing three courses in a little over an hour), and know that an entrée is reasonably filling. 

The mains were both delicious and well executed. The steak was tender and cooked exactly medium rare, with onion rings that were pleasingly crisp and soft, while the crispy skinned gurnard on white asparagus and preserved lemon risotto was fresh and gorgeously springy. And the side of wagyu fat potatoes with habanero mayo had sighs of pleasure arising from the other side of the table (I was trying to pace myself by that point).

Alas I couldn’t fit dessert, but the rhubarb jelly donuts I snuck a spoonful of were so good I’m planning how soon I can get back to have one all to myself. With the accompanying Zubrowska Apple Fizz cocktail of course. They were fantastic little bursts of flavor and texture, with apple crumble ice cream I’m still dreaming about (I may be a teensy weensy ice cream fan...).

LB dessert

Although it might feel intimidating to push through those double doors, it’s really a comfortable and easy place to eat with excellent service, high quality food, and no problem whatsoever to pop by just for something brief or something simple. 

Go on, I dare you.


Logan Brown Restaurant

Logan Brown Restaurant takes fine dining to a new level. They offer a wonderful dining experience in a stylish yet relaxed atmosphere.

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