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No shades of grey at Two Grey

By Heather 30 May 2017 • 1 Comments

Two Grey Opening 0026

Two Grey is found at….. cleverly enough, No 2 Grey Street, where Arizona used to be. 

You can expect…. a little lux on the corner to complement Dyrberg/Kern and Tea Pea across the road, and the Lobby Lounge and Chameleon next door. The décor is an international amalgam of American oak flooring, black tiled pillars, pendant lighting, and a range of nooks and crannies depending on your mood.

The food and drinks are designed to have wide appeal, with a bent towards fresh, clean and contemporary. Definitely no shades of grey. 

The staff... are home-grown, with a focus on innovation and doing much in-house (like ageing the beef for 45 days themselves) and were pleasantly efficient.

We had… both brunch and lunch (whats a girl to do when there for three hours?), including two types of house-leavened waffles, broad bean fritters, fish sliders, skinny fries with grilled haloumi and gravy (yep), seafood chowder, kumara rosti with house-made pork and fennel sausage, roasted half cauliflower with haloumi and other accompaniments, and a mini apple turnover. Yeah okay, there were more than two of us. 

The stand-outs were:

  • The lovely fresh hunks of salmon in the seafood chowder
  • The light, flavourful and well presented waffles
  • The house-made pork and fennel sausage
  • The roasted half cauliflower in all its colourful glory, and
  • The spiced apple winter warmer with real spices. 

The drinks... include an excellent range of non-alcs (soy, almond or coconut milk available for hot drinks; Aotea wellness tonics; smoothies with native herbs; Havana Brothers cold pressed juices; Koko Deluxe hot chocolates, I could go on and on…), a selection of mostly NZ wines by the 150ml or 250ml serve, and a crafty range of beers.

What tickled me most… was the 745ml bottle of Waikato Draught tucked in among the exotics on the drinks list. And the resurgence of blackcurrant juice (ribena anyone?). 

And what I’m eyeing up for next time… is the wild rice porridge with poached fruits, paua and watercress buschetta, quinoa and feta sliders, Louis Roederer by the glass; and the house Grey’s Bramble cocktail.

Clearly a breakfast and brunch sittting required next time (you thought I was joshing about the combined sessions didn’t you?).

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  • Jak on 1 Jun 2017

    you haven't said if the food tasted any good!?!

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