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Where Do You Go? - Barney from @HERESBARNEY and Emporium Vintage

By Martyn 24 Aug 2016

Barney at Tommy Millions
Photo credit: Dinosaurtoast aka Ashley Church

If you're interested in food and coffee and spend time around the Cuba quarter, chances are you might have run into Barney: the man behind the popular @HERESBARNEY Instagram account. Originally from Christchurch, Barney has been living in Wellington for a few years now. You can find him working at Emporium Vintage on Cuba Street. When he isn't in the shop, Barney's usually out grabbing a coffee or checking out the latest eatery or food truck in Wellington - much of which he documents on Instagram. Friendly and attentive, Barney is one of those people who has a smile and positive words for everyone. He's also got the cheat sheet on where to go and what to do in Wellington.

Word On The Street: You're having trouble waking up and need a good cup of coffee, where do you go?

Barney: I hit up Customs Brew Bar on the reg. The crew are legends, Duncan, Taylor, Riley, Hannah, and Lars, hey fellas! Get yourself a Fetco (filter coffee) with an espresso to follow. Once you're awake, you will realise you also need a tasty donut made by Little Donut Co. If you're in the CBD, call into Frank's. Their Fetco is always brewing, and they have a tasty selection of specialty coffee.

It's Friday night, and you want to take a group of friends out for drinks and dinner, where do you go?

I'd start at Burger Liquor. It's always good times with friends there! Get yourself a round of the $5 Holla beers, order a juicy burger, curly fries and jalapeño poppers! Next stop is Matterhorn for drinks!

You need to do some clothes shopping, where do you go?

Emporium Vintage on Cuba St for unique goods and AS COLOUR for fresh blanks. When you're at AS COLOUR ask for Juzzy, Anaya or Vanessa, they keep it real!

You want to take some friends out to see some live music or DJs, where do you go?

I always enjoy the Rogue & Vagabond. Live music goes off there! Also, Havana Bar is the spot, my bro Seb introduced me to this slice of Wellington. As Seb would say: "mad vibes."

It's the weekend, and you feel like hitting a market, which market is your favourite and why? 

The Wellington Harbourside market. Rain, hail or shine, I hit that spot. It's my fave because the place has such a dope atmosphere. Food trucks and stalls are hustling, there's an epic selection of produce, and so many cool dogs are cruising through the market. I always visit the Russian homie Nicoli; he sells fish on the boat. Hit him up for the smoked roe; it's gangster! Don't forget to get some cheese, make sure it's dank! The dankier the better.

You're feeling a bit flat and looking for a sweet treat, where do you go?

La Cloche or La Cloche Ora. They're so passionate about their sweet treats. My mates Mariah & Alan work there; they know what's good. I'd recommend a Mille Feuille. Make it two, one for each hand to balance it out. You feel me?!

Best public park or outdoor area to hang out in on a sunny day? 

Little Oriental Bay or Seatoun wharf. Doing bombs off the wharf is mandatory. No excuses!

You're short on cash and want to do something fun in Wellington, best free activities?

Go for a walk up Mt Vic. It's free and a killer view up the top! Te Papa is always a good time, get down with the education vibes, it's key!

You want to grab a late night drink, where do you go?

Slim Davies - a crate bottle of Waikato Draught followed by a few Hennessys. This saloon is popping! Late night hype for real.

Favourite section of the public library? 

I bypass the books and hit up the old school documentaries and horror movies; I'm a sucker for them. P.S. if you have any Goosebumps books lying around your house, holla at me!

What's the best street to hang out on in Wellington if you wanna see something zany (and what zany things have you seen there?) 

Cuba St. I love people watching. I've seen a group of Teletubbies meditating. I've also seen somebody sunbathing with a wetsuit on at the bucket fountain. Cuba St is craaaack up!

Where are some of your favourite backstreets or hidden spots in Wellington?

Let's be honest; I'm not giving away these. Hit me up and I'll take you there. I got the spots!

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