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Falling in love with Citta Design

14 Nov 2013 • 1 Comments

After a brief hiatus to sit my final exams, I’ve been in real need of some retail therapy to deal with the weirdness of finishing my degree. Luckily, I found the perfect shop to have a little potter and spend a little cash.


College Street has just added another gem to its collection in the form of Citta Design store.

So after a coffee at the Wellington institution that is L’affare I dragged my pal along the street to check it out.

Now, while some girls really go crazy for shoes, I can take them or leave them, instead, what really gets me frothing at the mouth with excitement is homeware. And Citta Design is full of the most gorgeous bits and bobs for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, play house…

Homeware isn’t all there is though, they stock some seriously cool jewellery and handbags and even a few items of clothing. My favourite thing in the store is this amazing cow skin rug with a silver wash so it sparkles. I spend so much time gazing at it that my pal gets angsty.  My gosh, I think to myself, what a beautiful rug. I needs it.

citta 42

Having not yet found work, I still struggle along on a student budget, so I was really stoked to see that everything in the store is reasonably priced. As in, I could actually afford most things without having to sell my first born child.

With Christmas just around the corner (seriously, it’s coming up really soon!) Citta Design has opened in perfect timing.

I’ll have all my Christmas presents from there this year okay Santa?


Citta Design

Citta Design products are designed in New Zealand to be useful, beautiful and even a little bit fun.We bring you our classic collection

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  • KAREN Millar 16/11/2013 9:39pm (4 years ago)

    Excellent review, I will be sure to stop in and start my Xmas shopping.

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