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Feeling a little bit fancy

9 Sep 2015

madame fancccy

If Iggy Azalea's influenced your views of what's 'fancy', it might be time to have a wee sit down and reconsider. Upon entering Madame Fancy Pants, it became immediately blatant that ‘fancy’ in this context refers to a plethora of sophisticated yet vintage clothing garments and trinkets, worth a good ol’ pondering session. Everything's hand selected by the lovely manager Claire, and she also stocks her own jewellery range, which I admired on my journey through this trove.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what this Cuba Street snuggle sells, but everything stocked fits into the “I didn’t know it existed, but now I MUST have it” category. This became particularly lethal for me upon the discovery of a compact mirror covered in sloth designs (my strange obsession lives) and birthday cards with the rantings of the anxious, rather than your stereotypical greetings.

Whether it's inspirational stationary (not the nausea inducing kind), a divinely scented candle or a printed cushion, every item has gone through a critical screening process. If Claire wouldn’t keep it in her home she wouldn’t stock it in her store. Luckily, her taste is more than spot on and has allowed her shop to blossom proudly into the Madame herself over the last nine years.

The fashion pieces on a single clothing rack are both locally and internationally sourced, from the likes of Areielle Mermin and promisedland. My toddler-like curiosity was satisfied upon hearing that each selection of designer had a particular story: a fair trade focus, a glorified 'internet stalk' or a relationship of mutual respect all underpinned the garments on display.

Not all items carry a hefty price tag either, with Claire’s vision being one that allows those even with shallow pockets to walk away with something just that little bit fancy!

So to wash your hands permanently of the pop culture definitions of 'fancy', I would recommend giving Madame Fancy Pants a visit. No level of online perfection (although, they do have a great website) can take away the excitement of seeing, smelling and trying potential new additions to your life. Seriously, their chocolate peanut butter has added to my life in ways beyond comprehension.


Madame Fancy Pants

Madame Fancy Pants stocks all wonderful things.

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