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Head over heels

By Erica 16 Jun 2016 • 1 Comments

It was apparent that I needed help the moment that I stumbled into ECCO on Willis Street. It was pouring with torrential rain, a southerly was rearing its head and I had decided that, today (like most days), I would wear my trusty canvas Converse shoes. I pretty much squelched my way across the threshold. It was clear that I needed to rethink my footwear choice so that it could armour me against all that the Wellington winter might throw at me. I was in the right place.

Stocking a wide range of shoes for men and women, ECCO has a mantra that it designs ‘shoes for life’. This doesn’t mean that you’ll still be rocking the same pair of patent brogues at the age of 90 (although who knows, ey?) Instead it means that their shoes are designed to be worn all day, every day, keeping the 26 bones, 32 muscles and 223 ligaments lingering at the ends of your legs in a blissful state of comfiness.

ECCO is a Scandinavian brand with a pretty impressive ethos. In my time on earth, I’ve found that most Scandinavian brands fill you with confidence that they will be functional, simple and stylish and I’m pleased to report that ECCO is no different from its Nordic counterparts. ‘Our Scandinavian design philosophy combines great look with functionality and comfort- the shoe must follow the foot.’

So, you’re not going to find glitz and glamour here in the form of a strappy stiletto or a bejeweled peep toe, but what you will find is practical yet fashion-forward offerings. Each item I picked up looked so well made, so thoughtfully designed and, most importantly, super comfy. There were fur-lined boots, leather knee highs, outdoor shoes (that are chomping at the bit for a good tramp), mens’ dress shoes, patent brogues… the moral of the story is that there’s more than you would expect.

It’s the kind of place you could step into with your mum, boyfriend and your next door neighbour’s great auntie and you’d all come out clutching a package full of functional gorgeousness that your feet will thank you for (and that your bank balance won’t growl at you for!)

And of course, there’s the leather handbags. And did I mention the wallets? They are sublimely simple, slick and of course, massively practical.


So if you’re tired of soggy socks or bored of achy arches, pay a visit to ECCO… your feet will be in good hands!

And as I love a company with a good, bold statement about itself, I’ll leave you with one about ECCO… it’s one of the few shoe manufacturers in the world to own and manage every step of the shoemaking process - from tanneries to stores. So from cow to shoe, you know your shoes have been loved and cared for. In fact, as the company magazine states ‘each pair of ECCO shoes has been touched by 210 pairs of hands before they reach the consumer’. Like I said, you're in good hands.

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  • Ann Mac 30/06/2016 5:58pm (16 months ago)

    Best shoes ever for comfort, support and weather proof. Wished I had bought them sooner.

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