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Homewares where the heart is

2 Jul 2015

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Shopping for homewares can be stressful. Especially in a society where the well-known cliché “home is where the heart is” is almost like a biblical instruction of how your home must be, rather than a goal to aspire to.

As a result of multiple stress breakdowns because of flavoured candles (am I really trendy enough to have a gingerbread smelling room?!) and my overt obsession with having a home similar to “The Block”, I had become an indecisive and irrationally fearful consumer. I was the Goldilocks of pillowcases, fluffy rugs and designer Tupperware - despite the abundance of choice nothing was ever “just right”.

Precinct 35, the newest home ware addition to Ghuznee Street, takes the stress out of the seemingly impossible and caters for all decorative tastes in a refreshingly simple and spacious way.

The first way in which stress is alleviated is the initial peace offering of caffeine! The well-known central coffee spot the Milk Crate shares an entrance with Precinct, so the aroma of coffee beans and the social atmosphere provides a pre-empting hit of rescue remedy before my shopping ensued.

"Until the moment I set foot in the store I didn’t even know it was possible to froth with excitement over a toothbrush holder"

Upon entering the store, I was greeted by two defining traits; a brilliant, minimalist use of space and the friendly smile of the local owner Prak. As I began my interrogation of Prak, I started browsing the goods on offer, and quite literally turned into a kid in a candy store. Until the moment I set foot in the store I didn’t even know it was possible to froth with excitement over a toothbrush holder. Every item has a distinctly unique quality, whether it be a vibrant colour rug or a geometric shaped salad bowl.

Talking to Prak, he was (thankfully) more than happy to answer my questions. His designers were a mixture between being locally and nationally sourced and a distinct presence of Japanese designers. His vision for the store was however the most notable aspect, which creates the point of difference. Prak wanted to create a place that was not only about quality, affordable goods with a story behind them, but also a beautiful shopping experience. Considering so much of modern day shopping involves sitting behind a computer screen with an abundance of high carbohydrate snacks in tow, this is an amicable challenge, and he has succeeded.

Every single touch point is thought out; the layout of the items, hand-written price tags, lighting and even the record’s playing in the corner. Essentially, Precinct 35 is like drinking a coffee in the lounge of that one friend with the amazing home (we all have one), except in this case you are able to use the surroundings and purchase the items to inspire your own decorating.

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