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Ready-made or homemade?

22 Dec 2015

If you’re on the fence or planning on going to the Sevens, you may have already started to think about potential outfits. Back in yesteryear, costumes were elaborate, shiny, and impressively creative. Although things have since calmed down and wearing a sheet or team supporters gear is accepted, I'm in the market for something special - the real competition for me has nothing to do with rugby. Coming up with a great Sevens costume can take time, so it’s better to start early to ensure minimum stress come Jan. 

For some, Sevens costumes can be a sensitive topic! I learnt this the hard way last year when I innocently asked my sister why her horse costume had sticks coming out the sides of it, only to be met with an indignant response of “Eve, clearly, I’m a merry-go-round”. Clearly...

Basically, inspiration and simplicity are key. Something as simple as a watering can could be the winning costume if done well (fingers crossed there's a cash prize up for grabs again).

The first step to costume amazingness is deciding whether you want to go as an individual or as a group. Individual costumes can be pretty spectacular - I mean, who will ever forget the man who went carrying his own head? - but group costumes often prove easier and just as effective. Even a last minute, thrown-together outfit can be great when it’s multiplied by nine. 

The second step is deciding on ready-made or homemade. For those who are handy with a sewing machine, there are a number of great fabric shops dotted around the city where you can find something to stitch up - Spotlight, Fabrics Direct and The Fabric Store, to name a few. Places like The Fabric Store tend to stock more high-end linens and silks, so wouldn’t be your first stop for bulk material, but it is worth keeping an eye out for their cheaper sample fabrics. Made on Marion is my go-to for everything arts and craftsy. Need sequins, buttons, elastic, ribbon, or dye? You name it - they’ve got it. 

Then, of course, there’s ol' faithful Wisebuys on Cuba Street; so much more than a $2 shop, Wisebuys is one of those odd but great places where you walk in for a couple of bobby pins and walk out in a Pikachu onesie. Grab the essentials – cheap paint (be it for your costume or your face), glitter, and maybe some nail polish to finish the job. It's smorgasbord of everything plastic, fluorescent and “made in China”. What better for the Sevens?? 

Although it may seem like cheating, we don't all have the time or talent to rig up our own costume. If you are someone who spent last year being complimented on your efforts as a thorn bush when you were trying to channel Poison Ivy, a good old fashioned costume shop could be the way to go. Two personal favourites are The Costume Cave, on Wakefield Street and The Costume Company, on Willis Street - peruse online beforehand if the abundance of costumes seems daunting. The Costume Company is your best bet if you are looking for a particular piece to complete your outfit. Wigs, hats, masks and other accessories can be rented out separately. It's an easy way to complete your look without the expense of a full costume. 

From comic book characters to headless men to… merry-go-rounds, the Wellington Sevens has seen a lot! A quirky stand-out costume is the best way to get noticed. Speaking of which, anyone have an idea for a good group costume...?? 

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