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Talking all things Tailor

By Lauren 28 Nov 2017

If you're a bit of a skincare connoisseur, I'm sure by now that you're acquainted with the brilliance that is Tailor Skincare. This fantastic natural, organic, and cruelty-free brand was founded in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength, recently picking up awards for ‘Most Innovative Formulation’ by the NZ Cosmetic Chemists in 2016 and Bauer Beauty’s 'Best Face Cleanser of 2017’.

A Wellington success story, I recently got to sit down with founder Sara Quilter to talk about the brand's ethos, her love of Wellington, and the deliciousness of Six Barrel Sodas.


Sara image

What inspired you to develop the Tailor brand?

I was living in California doing market research on the organic horticulture industry (don't get me started on this as it's a real passion of mine). Anyway, I began to question what chemicals were typically going into our food production system and generalised this to other products too. So, I started playing around with different ingredients and making my own skincare from scratch, shared these products with my friends and family who said they were good and that I should sell them. So I did. 

How would you describe the brand and its ethos? 

Tailor has three founding principles that I look to before making any business decisions: 

1. We use good quality natural ingredients. I'm obsessed with investigating the latest ingredients in the skincare world and ensuring the ones I choose are of the best quality and benefit to the skin.

2. Tailor is cruelty-free, which to me includes animals and humans. 

3. We make eco-conscious business decisions – from the beginning, we've shipped every single order out in a recycled cardboard box or courier bag. This has been a significant investment from us but having compostable courier bags is worth it to me and turns out a lot of our customers feel the same way. 

Where are your favourite places to go in Wellington? 

Lyall Bay and Mt Victoria are my happy places. I love them because Loui (my adorable mini schnauzer) gets to run off-leash and I can walk around and de-stress. I also LOVE Power Living – I go most mornings at 6.30am.

What are your Wellington essentials?

My Wellington essentials are a good coat and boots  these are absolute staples for me! For coffee, I love Spruce Goose, because I can walk Loui along the beach every morning to get one.

Drinks wise – and I'm being a typical Wellingtonian here  I love a good craft beer, but the salted cucumber soda from Six Barrel Soda is a fantastic summer drink too!

For clothing, I can never go past Wilson Trollope. Designer Annabelle is such a goddess and started the biz around the same time as Tailor began.


It's always fabulous talking to inspiring Wellingtonians, and Sara is no exception. Her beautiful range of skincare products is growing from strength to strength, and it's fantastic to see this Wellington native taking the beauty industry by storm. You can pick up some products (and trust me, its worth it - the serum is to die for) at Commonsense Organics, Madame Fancy Pants, and various spas around the city.

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