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Walking into RM Williams

By Lauren 29 Sep 2017

A few weeks ago my shopaholic brother visited. After a hearty brunch (a bit of a family past-time), we decided to head off for some retail therapy and so I could show off Wellington (and its fantastic shopping) to him.

After a bit of a wander down Willis Street, we stumbled upon RM Williams...which became our base for the next hour as we took inventory of all it had to offer. 

We were quickly drawn to the boot section – for those of you in the know, these are the truly iconic RM Williams product. My brother, a true purveyor of quality, quickly became obsessed, and after interrogating the fantastic shop assistant about the differences in leather, colour, width, and sole, we moved to a couch to relax in style while he proceeded to try on every available variable of their cult boot.

I must admit that while I have strolled past the store before, I had never actually ventured inside prior to this visit. However with time to kill as James considered his options, I was able to wander around the store, and the quality, timeless, and laidback nature of the clothes quickly became apparent. From casual sweaters to beautiful leather products, I was seriously impressed by their shop offerings – a taste of country in the city. 

Untitled design 8

Back to James’ shoe escapade: he had settled on the colour tan, but with an array of customisable options available, the decisions were quickly mounting. After honing in on the classic leather sole, the width was next up for debate – luckily the fantastic shop assistant had more patience for such discussions than I did and was more than happy to field all questions on the pros/cons, make, measure, and everything in between. 

After committing to the boots of choice (tan, 44.5, regular width, leather sole), my brother and I left a little bit lighter in the wallet and with a whole new appreciation for this fantastic brand. The entire experience was an unparalleled insight into design, quality products, and faultless customer service.

Glad to have now remedied the RM Williams-sized gap in my life I didn’t realise existed, I am already planning my next shopping excursion. You should too!

RMWilliams interior


R.M.Williams is an iconic Australian brand, renowned for making the best boots in the world.

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