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Wrap up the last of your gifts at Wrandom

11 Dec 2013 • 1 Comments

With my account finally out of overdraft and experiencing the pressing need to buy something (anything!), I decided that this week would be the opportune time to swing by the brand new gift shop, Wrandom, on Lambton Quay.


I knew from the signage outside that it was going to be cool and boy was I right (my boyfriend will tell you that I usually am).

The best word I can think of to describe the shop is ‘quirky’. Everything is unusual enough to warrant a further inspection; from spring loaded butterflies to brightly coloured sunglasses, cushions in wacky prints and skull shaped salt and pepper shakers.

Even brightly patterned kites and vases in all shapes and sizes- you won’t find anything remotely boring in here.

Perhaps the quirkiest thing of all though, are the swan plants. Yeah, you read that right. Beautiful semi- grown swan plants that young owner, Charley Ogilvie-Lee says are selling like you wouldn’t believe. He’ll even throw in some free caterpillars with your plant. Stuck for gift ideas? You can’t get any more original than that!


Apart from the epically cool, free caterpillars, the other good thing about Wrandom is that there is literally something for every budget. Whether you’re chronically poor like me (but still have enough money to buy a coffee everyday) or are feeling a little more flush, you will be able to find the perfect thing within your budget.

Also, there are lots of small token items that are ideal gifts if your work place has forced the Secret Santa hoopla on you.

Wrandom is located on Lambton Quay, where the old Body Shop used to be.



A new gift shop bringing the most random items from around the world to Wellington.

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  • Lis Whyte 12/12/2013 10:51pm (4 years ago)

    Thanks for the heads up will have to check it out!

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