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Slow coffee at Pour & Twist

By Frances 21 Jul 2018 • 1 Comments

Pour and twist 6

Slow cooking is a thing we’re totally on board with, but slow coffee is a harder sell. Isn’t coffee just the thing that we throw down our throats on our way to work, listening to a podcast, as we jaywalk across the road?

In a city with a love affair with the espresso machine, comes a coffee brew bar with no machinery in sight. At New Zealand’s first fully manual coffee brew bar, hand-brewed specialty filter methods like V60, AeroPress and siphons are used extract the best flavours from coffee beans. Pour & Twist cycle through different beans, and at various times will have Flight, Rich, Supreme, Peoples beans on the go.

Since opening in March in a cute-as-a-button spot opposite Glover Park, Pour & Twist have been converting fast coffee drinks to their slow approach to coffee. Although to be honest, slow coffee isn’t actually all that slow – my V60 was ready to drink about five minutes after I sat down.

Pour and Twist 2
V60 brewing at Pour & Twist

The Vibe

An industrial space that’s been fitted out in a simple, but sweet way. The high-ceilinged space features an historic overhead pulley system, now an awesome design feature that hints at the building’s former life. Pour & Twist is perfectly positioned for all-you-can-bask morning sun and has seats outside in the warmer months. 

How it Works

Pour & Twist will ask what kind of coffee you’re into and if there’s a particular coffee roaster or flavour profile in coffee that you like. Or just say ‘I want a coffee!’ and leave it in their expert hands. I’m a filter coffee fan and usually enjoy it made by a batch brew method. Using Flight La Granja beans and a V60 method (pour-over, drip coffee), Pour & Twist co-owner and barista, Elaine, makes me the smoothest, silkiest filter coffee I’ve had in a long time.

Untitled design 44
Coffee Tonic: summer in a glass

Try Something New

Pour & Twist are here to try different things and make drinks with a twist. Seeing the trend towards nitro cold brewed coffee, Pour & Twist came up with their own take: Nitro Matcha served with a matcha Kit Kat. With creamy, smooth mouth feels this is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

I’m anticipating my go-to coffee this coming summer will be their Coffee Tonic – AeroPress extracted coffee served over iced tonic water.

For Eats

Stay tuned for the return of their hand-made American-style pretzels, but in the meantime try their Malaysian Toast with kaya, a sweet coconut jam, or fork a slice of cake made by Kravings.

Untitled design 45
Matcha Nitro with Kit Kat garnish

Up Your Home Coffee Game

According to Elaine and Zuyi, good coffee making is about time and proportions. Weigh your beans and time your brew and don’t leave any coffee you want to drink sitting in the plunger after the brewing time is up. They recommend using light roasted beans for the best flavour profile. 

Or if this all just reeks of effort, get yourself to Pour & Twist and they'll take care of it for you. 


Pour and Twist

Pour and Twist is the first fully manual brew bar in New Zealand.

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  • Tan on 2 Sep 2018

    Nice review :) I recently went to Pour and Twist and I loved my experience there and wrote a little piece about them too! >>

    They are definitely worth your time if you are wanting to try out some coffee in Wellington, great find!

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