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Welly Loves WOW Edible Art Competition 2019

By Tom 12 Sep 2019 • 1 Comments

Every year, the World of WearableArt Awards Show (WOW) bedazzles us with its magic and ingenuity. Now, the Welly Loves WOW Edible Art competition is back after a successful first year in 2018.

This year’s Edible Art challenge for Wellington’s leading bars, restaurants and cafes is to show their love for WOW by creating the most beautiful and delicious dish or drink that is inspired by kōwhai (the colour yellow). 

Check out the full list of Edible Art entries (and special menus) here. From 25 September to 13 October, vote for your favourite Edible Art entry and you can help crown the People's Choice Award - and be in to win a $1,000 dining voucher! 

Hippo 1
Hippopotamus - An Inspiration of Yellow
Photo credit: Thomas Huthwaite


Inspired by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt – and in particular his masterpiece “The Kiss” in oils and gold leaf – Chef Jiwon Do at Hippopotamus has created a beautiful and decadent dish entitled “An Inspiration of Yellow”. The dish comprises Pāmu deer milk panna cotta, white chocolate, saffron and sauvignon blanc painted glaze, freeze dried Manuka honey, turmeric caviar, kawa-kawa oil, crispy venison salami and bee pollen.

As much as this looks like a dessert, it has taken to heart the complex combination of cheese and honey, and as such will likely run you several times back and forth between savoury and sweet. If you’re a cheese lover, this is one for any time of day, whether pre- or post- matinée or evening show.

Hippopotamus is a flagship French-inspired restaurant located at 90 Cable Street, above the QT Wellington.

CharleyNoble 2
Charley Noble
Photo credit: Thomas Huthawaite

Charley Noble

Pastry chef Oriane of Charley Noble has created a yellow rose flower, feminine and delicate to behold, but immediately contrasted with a fresh citrus bite.

Open carefully to reveal a technical marvel of lemon mousse base infused with pandan leaves, fresh grapefruit and lemon segments, gluten-free sponge soaked in citrus syrup and fresh mint, all cocooned within a crunchy white chocolate and cocoa butter glaze, and topped off with rose-shaped lemon grass and vanilla butter cream with a lemon curd surprise.

This citrus-forward dessert is a soft layering of delicately contrasting textures, and an absolute delight to eat. It’s not often that a dessert is designed to be more complex on the inside than it is on the outside!

Charley Noble prides itself on using local ingredients, including its citrus on offer here. It’s in the Huddart Parker Building at Post Office Square, just across from the TSB Arena.

Photo credit: Thomas Huthwaite


Head Chef Marie Penny jumped straight to playful with her “Rubber Ducky” inspired dessert for this year’s Edible Art competition.

The edible duck is a panna cotta with mango and passionfruit jelly, served alongside lychee and lemon cake, floating in a sea of coconut bubbles. Tropical and fruity, fun and whimsical, I couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a child myself. Also not lost on me was the fact of eating this in a restaurant literally floating above the water.

Dockside is one of the many restaurants you’ll pass on your way to the WOW Awards Show, right in the heart of Queens Wharf.

Lulu - The Golden Standard
Photo credit: Thomas Huthwaite


Pineapple: the symbol of hospitality; gold: the pure embodiment of luxury. Lulu is proud to introduce to you “The Golden Standard” – a celebration of yellow’s finest hues.

Featuring Angostura 3yo, Lapsung tea infused cacao, lemon juice, passion fruit and pineapple shrub, topped with mango sorbet, and finished with passionfruit boba. As if this cocktail wasn’t already fit for a Pharaoh, it’s also served in a flaming, golden pineapple chalice.

Lulu is an Oceanic-Pacific-inspired bar and restaurant in the heart of Courtenay Place, known for its show-stopping cocktail creations.

City Dining & Bar

The team at City Dining has gone all-out for this year’s show season to create a pre-show Spring Fling menu, in which each course features the colour yellow, together with its ultimate taste-embodiment: honey.

Their offerings include: an entrée of cured salmon layered with kaffir lime buttercream, wrapped in nori and served with honey-infused grapefruit and herb salad; a main of braised neck of lamb, smoked cauliflower puree, charred spring vegetables and honey glaze; the Edible Art dessert of honey, lemon and lavender mascarpone cream wrapped in honeycomb meringue with raspberry pollen and a spring sunflower; and the “lemon whisper” cocktail of honey bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, honey, egg white, bitters, and a dash of orange juice and lemon zest.

City Dining & Bar is at the entrance of the West Plaza Hotel, on Wakefield Street.

Remember to vote for your favourite Welly Loves WOW Edible Art creation (25 September – 13 October), and go into the draw to win a $1,000 dining voucher.

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  • Jo Carvey on 19 Sep 2019

    Charlie Noble gets my vote

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