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Word on the Street bloggers wanted!

7 Mar 2017 • 2 Comments

Word on the Street is an official yet kind of independent guide to what’s going down in Wellington. We’ve got some pretty rad writers, and we’re looking for another two to add to our collective family - a photographer and a shopping guru.

We want someone who loves Wellington as much as we do and can share their thoughts, dreams, experiences and general tomfoolery with like-minded folk. You’ll hold the almighty responsibility of telling the story of Wellington, and we want you to do it well.


Ideally you'll be a committed shopper who enjoys browsing a store or two, trying on clothes, chatting away to shop assistants and finding hidden gems throughout the city. You'll have the hook-ups to know just where the next best shop will be cropping up, and you're keen as punch to write two blogs a month.


You think stories are best told with images, rather than words (though you'll know your way around those, too). You'll be a keen adventurer and a frequent object of envy for stumbling on the most beautiful spots in Wellington - which may be down an undiscovered suburban street, or atop a local hill. You're so keen to share gorgeous photos with the world that you'll be able to produce two blogs a month.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies though, this is an actual, real-life, I’m-an-adult job. So if you're selected, you’re expected to write one hell of a stunning piece of artwork each fortnight until your death… or until you move on, we’re flexible. 

Who are we after?

  • You could be anyone! A photographer, vlogger, blogger… or an electrician, receptionist, or florist. Whatever your background, you'll need to be a genius at translating your experiences into entertaining and inspiring blog posts that make people want to get out there and explore!
  • You can commit to writing two blogs per month (once a fortnight)
  • You can stick to deadlines
  • You know your way around an apostrophe and can safely determine when a comma is necessary
  • You like the sound of some extra cash in your bank account

All you have to do to apply is tell us a little bit about yourself and attach a piece of your work.

Have a look at our previous blogs to see what we’re all about.

Send us an example and apply now. Applications close Friday 24 March, 10am.

Add your comment

  • Shane Webb 21/03/2017 1:47pm (15 months ago)

    As much fun as this sounds, I think I will keep posting my own stuff to Facebook and Google maps.

  • Brooke Butler 08/03/2017 5:44pm (16 months ago)

    What about a Vlogger as well.

    I have started a Vlog about life in Wellington.

    Have a look.

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