Eat Lit Food's guide on where to eat in Wellington

Eat Lit Food brought his incredible vocab of swear words and equally incredible appetite to Wellington for a weekend of eating and drinking

Albert Cho took a break from his regular job of eating and drinking his way around Auckland for a Wild Weekend of eating and drinking his way around Wellington.

Following his nose and recommendations from locals, Albert enjoyed Wellington's best brownies at dedicated brownie bar Lashings, had best-ever lamb at Atlas, the toasted sandwich of his dreams at Shepherd and treated his sweet tooth to caramel slice at Sixes & Sevens. Read on for his reviews in his own words.

Dragons Restaurant

25 Tory Street, Wellington

Switch up your regular eggs on toast for a yum cha brunch at Dragons. As an Asian Aucklander, yum cha is a delicacy that I’m extremely familiar with and the dumplings from Dragons ranked amongst some of the best I’ve had. Each and every morsel was jam-packed with juicy fillings and the skin of the dumplings were so incredibly fresh. If you’ve never had a yum cha experience, I genuinely feel sorry for you and highly recommend you get cultured while you’re on your eat pray love journey around Welly.

Dragons by Eat Lit Food 3
Dragons by Eat Lit Food 2
Dragons by Eat Lit Food 1
Loretta by Eat Lit Food v2


181 Cuba Street, Wellington

I’ve been to Wellington three times in the past year and never miss a visit to Loretta. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I f***ing adore this restaurant. The high ceilings, spaced out wooden tables and warm lighting make it so effortlessly chic and on top of that, the food is absolutely stunning. If you’re in for breakfast, look no further than the waffles drenched in an elderflower lemon syrup and if it’s lunch or dinner, you can’t go wrong with the wet rabbit risotto. They also sometimes do a goat pizza and it’s honestly the GOAT, if you’re lucky enough to go on a day when it’s on the menu, don’t hold back.


161 Cuba Street, Wellington

A few doors down from Loretta, there’s another chic spot called Floriditas. Locals have told me that this place is a Cuba St icon, people have been going here and loving it for years so I finally decided to pay a visit. Sitting at the table beside mine, a woman whose son is a chef in the kitchen told me to get the smoked fish hash and thank the lord I listened. I was warned by the waitress that it wasn’t the prettiest looking dish but I don’t know what the f*** is up with her beauty standards because I thought it looked stunning. It tasted even better than its appearance too. Loaded with parsley and a perfectly poached egg to mild out the sharp saltiness of the smoked fish, there’s a reason why this dish has never been taken off the menu.

Floriditas by Eat Lit Food
Shepherd x Braw by Eat Lit Food 4


Hannahs Laneway, Wellington

This might not be the most fair judgment as I was only able to squeeze in a quick lunch but it was enough to show how out gate Braw x  Shepherd brunch was. I had two full meals before this one and it still tasted sensational and I polished off each plate with ease. I would usually be opposed to a grilled cheese that only features a single slice of bread but the Braw chefs made it work so f***ing well. There was enough cheese on that beast to upset any stomach, even if you weren’t lactose intolerant but it was worth every single cramp. Even the iceberg wedge was next level with what ahi blanco which tasted like an almond hummus and I’m literally salivating as I write this. Do me a favour and go for dinner and tell me what it’s like because I’ll definitely be hitting it up again for the full experience. 


36 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

Not only was Atlas the highlight of my Wellington trip, but it was a culinary highlight of my entire year. These guys are doing some serious magic and I’d go on a day trip just to dine here again. To this day, I still think about that gorgeous piece of lamb which has absolutely ruined me for the future lambs I’ll be eating in Auckland. The ricotta gnudi was as bouncy as mochi and softer than a baby’s bottom while the little slices of fresh zucchini offered a friendly bite back. Atlas is one of those restaurants that put you in the highest of moods. My friends and I were admittedly quite knackered from a full day of walking around the city but this place reset us with all its delicious flavour and before we knew it, we were smashing down margaritas at 2 in the morning. When in Rome, do as Romans do, when in Welly, do as I do and hit Atlas.

Eat Lit Food Atlas Instagram
Atlas by Eat Lit Food 2
Atlas by Eat Lit Food 1
Sixes Sevens by Eat Lit Food 1 v2

Sixes & Sevens

51 Taranaki Street, Wellington

Slices are definitely a Kiwi cuisine and I will fight anyone who disagrees. Whenever I go overseas, all I crave is a caramel slice and you’d be surprised at the lack of them around the world. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a lot of time and love for caramel slices. Saying that, I’ve had my fair share of c-slices, good and bad, and Sixes and Sevens makes the f***ing best, no cap. The base is so chocolately and crisp, the middle caramel layer is so f***ing dank and decadent and the final layer of chocolate has the ideal amount of thickness and crunch. The doughnuts from here are also worth mentioning as the soft pillows are proper filled to the brim, my favourite being the Oreo cream filled.


Hannahs Laneway, Wellington

You can’t go home after a vacation without some gifts for friends and family and if you are the person that returns empty handed, you’re an asshole. Hit up Lashings and take a few boxes of their famous brownies. You couldn’t fault these little babies even if you tried. They tick every box from A-Z, indulgent, rich, sexy, naughty and sinful. Don’t worry about the brownies expiring, there’s so much sugar in them that they’d preserve for eternity and in all honesty, they’re so f***ing good that you’ll demolish them in a matter of seconds.

Lashings by Eat Lit Food

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