Evil Twins: small café, big flavours

The twins behind Evil Twins Coffee serve up big flavours


Te Aro


161B Willis Street
Te Aro



In a city big on caffeine, there’s a small café nestled in Willis Street bursting with personality - Evil Twins Coffee. It exudes cool. The vibes are cosy, upbeat, and modern with neon signs, graffiti, and trendy merch.

A formally blank white brick wall is adorned with writing from customers anonymously expressing everything and anything from small goals (Earn more money) or big dreams (Publish book) and even words of wisdom (Don’t drunk text ex).

But what makes Evil Twins really stand out is the range of delicious drinks, both hot and cold, served in reusable jars. The menu includes oat milk triple shot latte, iced chocolate, and peach tea. But the fan favourite is the matcha; a drink coveted by many but made by few.

Wellington twins Stephanie and Natalie Chin founded the café (along with the help of older sister Vanessa and brother-in-law Victor Huang) in the summer of 2021. The wisdom and mentoring from their older siblings mixed with Natalie and Stephanie’s gen-z/tik tock/graphic design prowess creates the perfect team blend and a recipe for success.

With a push from Victor and a lot of encouragement we stepped out of our comfort zones and started Evil Twins.

Stephanie and Natalie Chin

Although they had been huge coffee fans since the age of 13, they didn’t have much practical knowledge when it came to making the drink. Fast forward a year and they are now connoisseurs with their own coffee blend made from organic, fair trade and carbon neutral beans sourced from organic Peruvian farms, roasted in New Plymouth. “We really liked how it was a medium dark roast with a dark chocolatey undertone because we prefer our coffee to be more on the strong side.”

At the time of starting Evil Twins, they noticed a gap in the market for good quality matcha. “So, we wanted to fix that! And it’s awesome because now so many people come to Evil to try matcha for the first time, or huge matcha snobs come and get matcha from us now which is so cool.”

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