Destination Mars

Head into outer space on this interactive experience where gaming wizardry plus captivating live action equals high-stakes adventure!

It’s 2034, and you are on the planet Mars. As the engineer in the control room on an international space station, you protect the base’s support systems and power up the next rocket launch. But when a solar flare plunges your community into danger, you must work together to avert disaster. Have you got what it takes to save the day?

From the makers of the popular APOLLO 13: Mission Control which toured the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand, Hackman has gathered a top team of game developers, designers and live performers to create Destination Mars.

I defy anyone not to feel an adrenaline surge as the rockets ignite!

Sydney Morning Herald

Te Papa National Museum

Presented in association with the Aotearoa New Zealand Festival of the Arts, Destination Mars is a high tech, adrenaline-filled experience for adults and intrepid kids aged 6+.

Seated within a giant dome-like environment, Destination Mars is a completely immersive experience. Follow crew instructions, attend to your console, or marvel as the action unfolds.


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