Flying Nun 40th Anniversary Show

Flying Nun takes a walk down memory lane and showcases excellent indie talent with their 40th anniversary show

Flying Nun 2


7 Aug 2021


Michael Fowler Centre, 111 Wakefield, Wellington

Commemorate 40 years of Flying Nun Records in this exciting event, taking place on Wednesday 7 August at Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre.

The legendary record label is known for backing left of centre, local independent artists that find their crowd and share their music around the country and beyond. Since 1981, the label has been behind releases of Pin Group’s Ambivalence, The Clean’s Tally Ho! and numerous crowd-pleasing tracks from the likes of Aldous Harding, Reb Fountain, Wax Chattels, Fazerdaze and Mermaidens.  

Continuing the label’s birthday tradition is this upcoming showcase of exceptional indie talent. Across two stages a mix of established and new artists will perform. You’ll also find a record store to take the party back to yours. The current line-up for the Wellington gig includes Aldous Harding, The Chills, Reb Fountain, The Bats, The Subliminals, Voom, Superette and Purple Pilgrims. 

Flying Nuns
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In Christchurch in 1981, record store employee Roger Shepherd created the label. Starting off simple with a DIY, post-punk attitude, Flying Nun quickly became known for its lo-fi aesthetic and for sharing some of the best sounds to come out of Southland. 

Over time the label continued to grow, documenting the past and present of New Zealand’s distinctive pop sound and being featured in publications around the world. Regardless of the successes and changes over the years, the label continues to be for the music and the fans, including this special anniversary showcase. 

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