New Zealand Festival of the Arts 2020

Explore the Festival’s 2020 line-up of music, theatre, dance, writers talks and interactive events and plan your New Zealand Festival of the Arts adventure in Wellington this summer

4. Black Ties Garth Oriander NZF20 1200 x 628

From ever-expanding live shows that transform and evolve every evening to a free gig for your favourite four-legged friends, dancers, orchestras and orators, as well as gigs, more than fifty writers’ events and outdoor projections, the New Zealand Festival is a years’ worth of entertainment packed into three short weeks.

This Festival brings you arts that celebrate honesty, bravery and splendour and will bring an injection of creativity and debate into New Zealand.

Marnie Karmelita, Tawhiri Creative Director

I hope I can contribute to bringing something a little bit different. For me, New Zealand has always been a little sparkling star, that part of the world.

Laurie Anderson, NZ Festival of the Arts 2020 guest curator

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