Professor Brian Cox: Horizons

Why are we here, and where are we headed? This cinematic spectacle explores the greatest mysteries of space and our world

Posing questions about the greatest mysteries of our universe and life on earth is Brian Cox in his brand new show, Horizons. Coming to Wellington in December 2022, the new show will take audiences on a cinematic journey exploring ideas of how we came to be and what we have the potential to become. 

With state of the art LED screen technology, the physicist will share images of far-away galaxies, alien worlds, supermassive black holes and a time before the Big Bang. He’ll delve into the latest advances in our understanding of quantum theory, black holes, biology, planetary science, astronomy and cosmology.  

Be prepared to consider mind-bending questions, such as: What’s the nature of space and time? Why does the universe exist? How did life begin and what is the significance of life in the Cosmos? What does it mean to live within this vast, eternal universe? 

Cox’s previous show, taken around the globe, snapped up two Guinness World Records when it set and broke the record for most tickets sold for a science tour. With this show, Cox is again joined by award-winning comedian, Robin Ince. They’ll weave together philosophy and science, humour and optimism, and celebrate our civilisation, music, art, humanity and the possibilities for the future. 

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