Sarah Millican - Bobby Dazzler Tour 2023

Hilarious and ridiculous anecdotes and musings are coming your way with this comedian’s latest tour

Coming to Wellington as part of her sixth international tour is Sarah Millican. The comedian, host, and writer has won several awards, published a book, and taken her special brand of funny to people around the globe.

In January 2023 Sarah is set to hit up St James Theatre over three nights as part of her all new Bobby Dazzler show. Promising to not hold back with her humour, and maybe a bit of shock and awe, she’ll share stories, anecdotes and musings. You’ll learn what happens when your mouth seals shut, how to throw poo over a wall, trying to lose weight but only losing the tip of your finger, a surprisingly funny smear test, and how awful floatation tanks can be.

One of the accolades Millican snapped up, and a pivotal moment for her career in comedy, was winning Best Newcomer Award at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe. Fast forward to 2011 and she won the British People’s Choice Award for the Queen of Comedy, and in 2013 her self-titled TV show was nominated for Best Entertainment Performance at the BAFTAs. More recently Sarah has released a book How To Be Champion, started a podcast, hosted a panel show for BBC Radio 4, and launched her YouTube channel.

All of this is to say, Sarah knows her stuff and has shared her comedic learnings in a whole variety of ways. One of the most exciting ways to share in the funny is in person, on her Bobby Dazzler tour.

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