Semi Permanent Comes to Wellington

The popular creativity and design festival is back in 2021, with an all new theme that invites you to get involved and go deeper

Semi Permanent


27 – 29 Oct 2021


Michael Fowler Centre, 111 Wakefield Street, Wellington

Semi Permanent is an artistic showcase that has taken cities around the world by storm. In October, the global design and creativity platform is sharing BRIDGES, the new 2021 theme right here in Wellington. 

As one of the most regarded creativity and design festivals in the southern hemisphere, Semi Permanent brings together international artists and icons of every background and style. Over three days you’re invited to explore different expressions, ideas and art. 

The theme BRIDGES looks at some of the most pressing challenges of our time. It's as much of a celebration for designers, artists and creatives as it is for scientists, researchers and politicians. The is new theme assesses our new reality and a range of perspectives, inviting attendees to join the conversation and go deeper. This year you can expect less focus on one-way storytelling and greater emphasis on interaction and engagement.

Semi Permanent Liz Ham
Semi Permanent James Ford
Semi Permanent Karen Walker
Semi Permanent Crystal Fong

This year's festival features experience design from renowned design studio Perron-Roettinger. The interdisciplinary creative team, led by Willo Perron and Brian Roettinger, is known for live events. They've previously worked with the likes of Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake, Tame Impala, as well as print and interior design. 

Semi Permanent has been running for 18 years. The festival has been brought to more than 200,000 people in 12 cities and six countries, featuring musicians, filmmakers, apparel designers, architects and more.

Semi Permanent speaker line-up 2021

  • Bruce Mau - Chief Design Officer, Co-Founder & CEO, Massive Change Network
  • James Brown - Artist & Designer
  • Roman Jewell - Founder, Fix & Fogg
  • Jos Ruffel - Founder, Garage Project
  • Florian Habicht - Film Director
  • Rik Campbell - Founder, Resn
  • James Ford - Creative Director, Silverstripe
  • Briar Grace Smith - Writer and Filmmaker
  • Crystal Fong - Founder, Apostrophe Copywriting
  • Steve Dunstan - Founder - Huffer
  • Karen Walker - Founder & Creative Director, Karen Walker
  • Michaela Webb - Creative Director, Studio Round
  • Kris Sowersby - Founder, Klim Type Foundry
  • Jess Johnson - Artist
  • Simon Devitt - Photographer, Author & Publisher
  • Tracy Cooper-Lavery - director, gallery and visual Arts, HOTA Home of the Arts
  • Shabnam Shiman - Creative Director, Osbourne Shiwan
  • Liz Ham - Photographer & Author
  • Tank - Design, Research & Strategy
  • Danny Coster - Industrial Designer
  • Seb Chan - Chief Experience Officer - ACMI
Joss Russell Garage Project

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