Synthony No.3

Continuing to showcase the incredible combination of a live orchestra and top dance tracks comes the new season of Synthony

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Picture this: the biggest dance tracks from the past 30 years, a live orchestra, some of the best DJs on the scene, incredible singers and top performers. Put all of these elements together and you have the hugely popular Synthony. 

The new season of the show brings a fresh lineup of dance tracks while continuing to create the same atmosphere that attendees have come to love. For the upcoming show, set to take place at Wellington’s TSB Arena, Orchestra Wellington will be joined by vocalists Chaii, Ella Monnery, Nate Dousand, Bella Kalolo and more. They’ll be supported by DJs Clint Roberts and Sin. 

Directing Synthony No.3 is Dick Johnson, a DJ and producer known for his prolific music career and helping to create albums for Kiwi artists as well as those further afield. Lover of dance music and a proven musical master, Dick brings his own flair to the new season of Synthony, continuing to enhance the special production. 

Co-founder and original producer of the show, Erika Amoore, will continue to work closely with Dick and the rest of the Synthony team for the new event. This year, the team will showcase Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, Disclosure, Dizzee Rascal and The Killers, proving to create a celebratory, orchestral, festival experience. 

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