The Greatest Drag Show

Get ready to meet the best of the best, with Kelly Fornia’s latest production that showcases spectacular queens, kings and everything in between

Living up to its name, The Greatest Drag Show promises to bring the best of the best from the drag world to The Opera House stage this December. Hosted by Kelly Fornia, this special event will showcase spectacular queens, kings and everything in between.  

The two-hour production will feature a wide variety of drag performances, all utterly gag-worthy. There will be those that make you scream, those that make you cry, and those that make you leave wondering, ‘How on earth did they do that?’. 

The show’s line-up includes Harlie Lux, Willy SmacknTush, Hariel, Robin Yablind, Amy Thurst & Yonic K, Stephii Onassiss, Homer Neurotic, Braiden Butter, The Bombay Bombshell, The Ashleys, Veronica Heart, Haus of Sin, and many more. 

While each of the performers will bring their own style, flair, and unique tricks of the trade, each lives up to the reputation of Wellington’s drag scene, busting out wigs to die for, nails to live for, makeup to stand for, and an epic combination of top 40 bangers and old school hits. Fornia herself has been producing hit drag events since 2017, and is known for delivering the goods and regularly selling out shows. 

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