Tom Sainsbury - Snapchat Dude Live

If you’re after some Kiwi comedy gold, Tom Sainsbury’s new show promises to deliver, taking the mickey out of what we all know and love (or love to hate)

Tom Sainsbury is gaining the title of comedian on the loose with his upcoming nationwide tour - Snapchat Dude Live.

The funnyman has done a lot in his time, including standup, popular Snapchat satire and TV spots, including a recent cameo as the dancing alien on The Masked Singer NZ. Sainsbury’s comedic acts find humour in familiar characters Paula Bennett and Simon Bridges, share his parallel life as Gingerbread the cat, and offer embarrassing stories and hilarious parodies. 

With his new show, Sainsbury will share different anecdotes in his quest to poke fun at, what he calls, New Zilunders. With the new body of work, Sainsbury promises to continue to dig into our quirky culture and put his own spin on things. 

You’re officially invited to grab some fush 'n' chups, chuck some L&P in the chilly bin, put on your fanciest jandals and grab a ticket to the Wellington show, taking place at The Opera House at the start of November.  

To tide you over in the meantime, Sainsbury’s Facebook page offers a glimpse at the many characters behind the name and his distinctly Kiwi comedy. 

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