Van Gogh Alive

Back by popular demand, Van Gogh Alive returns to Wellington as a large-scale indoor experience this summer

Van Gogh Alive Mexico


12 – 28 Jan 2021


TSB Arena, 4 Queens Wharf

Presented by Grande Experiences, AKA Australia and Live Nation, Van Gogh Alive is a multi-sensory immersive experience to entertain the whole family. Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces have been displayed and enjoyed around the world for over a century – but make no mistake, this is no ordinary art exhibition.

Artworks including The Starry Night and Sunflowers are presented in hyper-fine detail at a monumental scale, allowing you to see every brush stroke. Immersed in a vibrant symphony of light, colour and sound, you’ll feel like you’re walking right into Van Gogh’s timeless masterpieces. It’s an experience for the whole family with kids finding their own meaning amongst the breath-taking imagery.

Van Gogh Alive Zurich
Van Gogh Alive Zurich 2
Van Gogh Alive Lugano 2
Van Gogh Alive Qingdao 2

Considered one of the world’s most famous and influential artists, Van Gogh was prolific during the late 1800s, producing over 2,000 works in little over a decade including 860 oil paintings of landscapes, portraits and still life scenes. His Post-Impressionist works are characterised by bold colours and expressive brushstrokes which helped lay the foundations of modern art.

Grande Experiences, the creator and producer of Van Gogh Alive, is a world leader in the creation, design, production, promotion and installation of large-scale exhibitions and immersive experiences with broad cultural appeal along with engaging, entertaining and educational content.

From concept to completion, Grande Experiences creates visually and technically stunning masterpieces and presents them around the world. Its experiences have been displayed 190+ times in over 145+ cities, in 32 languages, across six continents enthralling audiences of over 17 million people.

General Tickets Go On Sale: WEDNESDAY 25 NOVEMBER 11AM

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