Winetopia Wellington

A wine celebration like no other, this event invites you to explore the best of New Zealand’s wine scene, including many hidden gems

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TSB Arena


4 Queens Wharf, Wellington Waterfront


21 - 22 May 2021

Winetopia is the place to go to explore tastes and blends of wine from around the country, with a spotlight on the creators behind the bottles and many fun events to enjoy.

At the event you'll have the chance to try wines from every major region in the country, from Central Otago to Northland. You'll also find many names from Martinborough - the small village neighbouring our capital that's bringing some of the best wine in the country to the table.

From well-known brands that are enjoyed around the world to hidden treasures from boutique suppliers, the wines that come from these regions vary in flavour and story of origin, but retain the same level of expertise and quality. Some names you'll find at the 2021 event include Craggy Range, Pegasus Bay, Dancing Petrel and Judge Rock.

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Your ticket includes access to 60 of the top wineries in New Zealand, the opportunity to try incredible food and wine pairings with food from top restaurants, an expert-led blind wine tasting experience, live music and more.

A highlight of the event are the wine masterclasses. These 40-minute long sessions will be hosted by some very knowledgeable people in the industry, including Stephen Wong from the Institute of Masters of Wine and Joelle Thomson, a writer and wine journalist.

Many of the wines on offer for the 2021 event are from the 2020 vintage - a bumper season for vineyards around the country. Take your time to explore the number of varieties, talk to the winemakers - including local legends, and take a few bottles home.

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