Wings Over Wairarapa festival takes off

Showcasing the mastery of aviation engineering, as well as good Kiwi fun comes this biennial event.

E Wings over Wairarapa


26 – 28 Feb 2021


12:00pm, 8:00am


From $12.50


Hood Aerodrome

South Road, Masterton

The Wairarapa is welcoming back its biennial show that salutes all things aviation. Great whether you’re an aerial lover or not, the event is a lively mix of engineering and mechanics, theatrics, and good summer fun. 

Over the weekend you’ll have the chance to see more than 70 aviator aircraft - both on land and in the sky. This includes pieces from World War I, World War II and the Royal New Zealand Air Force, sourced from the vintage collection of Hood Aerodrome as well as Sir Peter Jackson’s world famous assortment of antiques. 

Wings Over Wairarapa four aeroplanes in the air doing an aerial display with white vapour trails against a deep blue sky
Wings Over Wairarapa two vintage aeroplanes landing on grassy field simultaneously
Wings Over Wairarapa vintage aeroplane flying in the sky with wings dipped and pilot in open air seat

Alongside the jets, helicopters and planes, the event shares aerobatic displays, skydiving, wind-walking and a range of ground activities for kids and adults alike. Food, wine and market stalls round out your days and keep the good times coming. There will be craft beer, local wines and non-alcoholic drinks on hand. 

Wings Over Wairarapa has been running for more than 20 years and has previously drawn in crowds as large as 25,000 - about the entire population of Masterton. It’s a weekend of entertainment and excitement suitable for families and friends alike. 

A Wild Weekend at Wings Over Wairarapa

Stay in Wellington and enjoy an extended weekend of dining, aerial adventures, kiwi spotting, local shopping and some sleeping in.

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Wings Over Wairarapa vintage aeroplane on the ground with sun baked hills and grass

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