City Art Activation

The Dream Girl's Collective are helping us spread the aroha through our CBD with a visual response to the question of why they love Te Whanganui a Tara - Wellington

Our aim is to enrich consumer experiences and create interest, vibrancy and enjoyment for Wellingtonians and visitors through the power of art.

To do this we have selected three prominent Wellington artists, who each have a beloved relationship with our capital and an insatiable creative reputation within our communities and on our streets; The Dream Girl’s Collective: Xoë Hall, Miriama Grace-Smith and Gina Kiel.

Miriama Grace-Smith

Miriama Grace-Smith (Ngāti Hau, Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Toarangatira and Ngāti Porou) is a full-time artist. She is based in Wellington where she works from her studio at Toi Pōneke. Miriama dabbles in a few different areas within the creative arts, as a curator, muralist, illustrator, fashion designer, film costume and art director.

She was one of the founders of Toi Māori Gallery is a member of Māori women’s art collective Toi Wāhine, sits on the board of trustees at Enjoy Gallery, manages the BRUI ki Pōneke events, is an illustrator for The Spinoff and designs in collaboration with New Zealand brand Moana Rd.

Miriama has taken inspiration for her illustrations from iconic Wellingtonian traits and activities such as the popular surf beach in Wellington, Lyall Bay; the world-class conservation eco-sanctuary in Wellington, Zealandia; the popularly attended fruit and veggie markets throughout the city; the Wellington wind; and Wellington’s beloved weekend activity, deep-sea diving.

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Xoë Hall

Xoë Hall (Kāi tahu) is a painter based in the Wellington region. She is of Māori, Danish, Irish and English descent. Xoë exhibits her paintings worldwide and decorates streets and buildings of Aotearoa with her delightfully subversive murals. Legends, idols and worlds collide to create the unique hybrid which is Xoë’s work.

Xoë has focused on the local legend, Taniwha of Te whanganui-a-tara. Ngake and Whataitai, ancestors to the original Iwi of Wellington. Legend has it, they shaped the harbour when trying to break free to the ocean. One of them made it, and the other got stuck and became what we now know as the Hataitai hill.

Xoë has explored this legend once before, with a feature artwork at the Wellington i-site on Wakefield Street.

The rest of her solo pieces are taniwha inspired representations of our culture. Bringing inanimate objects to life with the message that music, arts, retail and fashion are alive in Wellington.

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Gina Kiel

Gina Kiel is an artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa. She creates feminine yet strong images that exude sensuality and explore the human experience through ideas of life, death, spirituality and pop culture using flowing lines and forms and bold, minimal compositions with a psychedelic palette.

Gina can be found painting murals, exhibiting at group shows around the world, creating at her home studio for awesome clients locally and internationally, tattooing part time and collaborating on projects with Xoë Hall and Miriama Grace-Smith aka The Dream Girl's Collective.

The focus of Gina’s work on this project is centralised around the essence of Wellington and the things you will commonly find in our landscape that are just a little bit special.

From the copper skink that is seen around Wellington’s streets, to the increasing appearance of Tui bird in our garden. A reimagining of our city landscape as a bowl full of abundant offerings in our CBD represents the ever-growing hospitality scene.

Gina also touches on the intense and ever-changing weather of our beloved capital, depicting the moon, wind and tides, as well as juxtaposing our sun with the eye of a storm representing the stark change, we can see of four seasons in one day…classic Wellington.

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