Boo! Welcome to Wellington’s Fear Factory

Enjoy a fright and a laugh as you explore a haunted maze that's just the right amount of freakiness


Cuba Precinct


120 Cuba Street
Te Aro




Fear Factory is Wellington’s very own mysterious and spooky entertainment spot for the brave or adventurous. You’ll venture below the deck of a fictional lost ship – the HMS Wayfarer – and encounter a nautical-themed nightmare.

Owner Matt Smith set up the first Fear Factory in Queenstown with his brother and their family, it was such a hit that they decided to open Wellington’s very own Fear Factory on Cuba Street. The experience is designed ages seven and upwards, and is popular with groups of friends, families and team bonding for workplaces.

Before you head into the unknown, the Fear Factory team will explain what to expect during the experience and they’ll also give you a safe word - 'chicken' - that you can say out loud if things get too scary during the experience. They've had over 3000 say it in just over a year.

We can’t give too much away – that would spoil the spooky fun, but what we can say is to prepare yourself for some laughs, some screams and sweaty palms – maybe all three at once. It’s a bit like riding a rollercoaster, both scary and fun at the same time and afterwards you’ll feel a rush of excitement and pride that you took on Wellington’s haunted maze – and lived to tell the tale!

We often get self-declared ‘chickens’ coming in who aren’t sure they’ll be able to handle Fear Factory, but they’re often the ones who come out of the experience pumped with adrenaline, a huge grin on their faces and keen to go through again.

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