Have a surreal time in Wellington

The Surrealists have come to Te Papa and to celebrate we've rounded up Wellington's most surprising, unexpected and surreal things to do

See nature's own surrealist exhibition

Nature does a pretty good job of conjuring up the bizarre and seemingly impossible and Wairarapa's Putangirua Pinnacles is like something dreamed up by a surrealist artist.

These incredible natural rock formations have been millions of years in the making; around seven million years ago, the Aorangi Range was an island. As the mountains eroded, scree and gravel were washed down to the coast, where they formed a sedimentary layer. Over the past 120,000 years, the Putangirua Stream has exposed this ancient layer of gravel to the erosive forces of rain and floods. Some of the sediments stayed concreted together, while others washed away. 

Take a walk and see these surreal rock formations for yourself. 

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The Putangirua Pinnacles Wairarapa CREDIT Destination Wairarapa 9

The surrealist drink in town

5/22 Herd Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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Crocshakes are like no milkshake you've ever experienced before. Crocshakes are not bound by the top of their cup - they expand upwards and outwards and with incredible sculptural components that will amaze you.

But this is one work of art that's completely edible - but don't ask us how. A word from the wise: don't wear your best white t-shirt when you're planning to take on a Crocshake. 

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The most bizarre loo in Wellington

12 Queens Wharf, Wellington waterfront, Wellington

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Go in Surrealist style at the public unisex and accessible Lobster Loos at Kumutoto precinct on Queens Wharf. These distinctive architecturally designed facilities were formed from two concrete 'tentacles' covered over by a red-orange steel shroud. 

These surrealist-style loos have received international attention, including being voted third best public toilets in the world by the website Design Curial, beating thousands of entries from around the world.


Lobster Loos, Kumutoto, Queens Wharf

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