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Enjoy local content at home: from films and documentaries to podcasts and magazines, Wellington's creatives have plenty of good stuff to keep you entertained

Local podcasts

Whether you’re already a dedicated podcat or you’re wondering what podcasts are all about, now’s a good time to start listening. There are some local podcasts to seek out.

  • B-Side Stories celebrate the unsung heroes, rebels and enthusiasts who shape the fabric and flavour of Wellington, New Zealand. B-Side Stories is aired every Tuesday from 5-6 pm on Wellington Access Radio.
  • The RNZ Killjoy podcast series follows Amy Upbright, a plucky journalist from Chicago who comes to New Zealand to investigate the 1987 murder of former beauty queen Joy Ford. But there's a twist.
  • While Sick Leave shares honest and open discussions with chefs and business owners in the hospitality industry throughout New Zealand about their journeys with mental health, depression, and anxiety. 
  • Honeycombe is made to feed your soul with insight on New Zealand food and drink and the people behind them. Tune in to the podcast and listen in on interviews with local chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, fishermen and many more.
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Book shelves at Vic Books

Vic Books

Vic Books has a superbly curated selection of books, from the latest in New Zealand international fiction to the most talked-about nonfiction titles and best-loved kids’ books.

Vic Books has an online store, so you can easily get books delivered to you or a friend. Replicate the in-store Vic Books experience by making yourself a cup of locally roasted Peoples Coffee before you settle in for an online browse.

NZ Film On Demand

The home of great Kiwi films, NZ Film On Demand has new and classic titles available for HD streaming to iOS and Android devices on a transactional basis, as a 7 day rental or purchase to own.

There’s some fantastic Wellington content in the mix. Filmed almost entirely on location in Island Bay, Wellington, Gardening with Soul follows Sister Loyola Galvin, the main gardener for the House of Compassion.

And check out Stickmen, an award-winning film from 2001 that follows three friends as they tour the Wellington pub scene, playing pool with ever-increasing stakes.

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Unity Books

Unity Books is an award-winning independent bookshop that specialises in New Zealand and international literature, poetry, history, and nonfiction and they always the latest new releases by award-winning writers. If you can’t visit the store in person. Unity’s online store is a great resource for tracking down your next good read and having it delivered straight to you.

CatCup Games

Whether you're a regular gamer or just looking for a little escapism, local game developer CatCup Games has got just the thing.  

  • Fowlst is an action game about an owl who is trapped in hell for reasons unapparent. Make your way through chamber after spooky chamber, smashing demons and grabbing loot. 
  • Super Fowlst has sprawling stages to conquer, huge bosses to defeat, and all manner of gadgets and gizmos to interact with. 
  • Or try out Dadish, a challenging platform adventure where a daddy radish is in search of his 40 radish children who went missing from a vegetable patch, and now it is your job to help him reunite with his kids.



The Cuba Street Project

The Cuba Street Project is a book celebrating Wellington’s beloved Cuba Street - the place, the people and the food. With words by Beth Brash and photographs by Alice Lloyd, the book captures the essence of Cuba Street and its cosmopolitan community of interacting artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and restaurateurs deep in the heart of the Wellington metropolis.

“Cuba Street holds a special place in the heart of any Wellingtonian, and for anyone who has visited this great city” says Beth. "It has such a rich history of good food and artisan producers right from its inception and it was really important for me to tell that story and the stories who are continuing that legacy. It deserves to have the same cult status as Fifth Avenue in New York or La Rambla in Barcelona.”

Counter Journal

Founded by Wellingtonians Zack Holmes and Bonnie Brown, Counter Journal immediately became the magazine of choice for Wellington coffee tables with its beautiful aesthetic and of the moment design by Bonnie.

Based in Wellington, the magazine goes wider afield to feature content from New Zealand and overseas, with a range of interviews, short stories, musings, opinion pieces, articles and research features, along with beautiful photography and illustrations.

Their current issue is available for free download or hit up their back catalogue for a lush paper version.

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PikPok Games

PikPok is a Wellington  games company that has produced more than 30 games for phones, tablets and desktops. They’ve even made games for the Apple Arcade. With such a vast catalogue to play through, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Chase the bad guys and race against time to retrieve top-secret counterintelligence in your slick, souped-up vehicle in Agent Intercept. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, do you accept this mission?

With the NBA suspended for the season, Rival Stars Basketball gives you the control. Draft extraordinary players, plan your strategy and unleash your team on real opponents from around the world in thrilling card battles.

Always wanted to be Godzilla? I Am Monster lets you do just that. The game is simple, the more you smash the more you grow. Your only objective? Do what a monster does best.

Play here

Capital magazine

Capital magazine has been telling the tales of the capital since 2013.

Celebrating the people of Wellington and telling their stories, Capital magazine is one of those delightful local publications that are interesting to people outside of Wellington and even the proudest and clued-up Wellingtonian is still bound to learn something new when they read it.

Capital is available at retailers around New Zealand or sign yourself up for a subscription. Their extensive back catalogue can be perused on their website.

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Strap on a pair of VR goggles, meet an outrageous local guide, and get ready to be immersed in WellTown, where New Zealand’s capital is transformed into what’s believed to be the world’s first virtual city you can explore and play as a game.

Experience six quintessential Wellington experiences.: absorb the dawn chorus of native birds on Mount Victoria, busk on Cuba Street as the new drummer for local band Orchestra of Spheres, or run a coffee cart in crisis and fire coffee shots at zombified commuters as they converge upon it for their morning caffeine fix - and more. 

Complete all six experiences and you’ll virtually be a Wellingtonian – or at least a Wellingtonian at heart. WellTown is free to download from the Steam and Oculus VR stores and can be viewed on YouTube. 

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