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Get the lowdown on what your favourite local retailers are wearing, their go-to hot spots in Wellington and where they like to shop

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Iko iko
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Thomasin Bollinger – Iko Iko

What are you wearing? I am wearing a beautiful twenty-seven names dress, which I bought around the corner on Ghuznee Street. And I just love it. Its got shape and it’s really comfy. My earrings are Penny Foggo who is a Wellington jeweller who we have stocked for about 15 years.  

How would you describe your style? I love lots of colour and I like fun clothing. I get quite obsessed with certain colours and then it might change. I really like quite earthy and autumnal colours like burnt orange and mustard, those are my favourites. 

Where is your favourite place to shop in Wellington? I love the whole Cuba neighbourhood. Ghuznee Street has some pretty cool local stores like ENA, which I love. Vintage stores would have to be my go-to - especially Ziggurat and Hunters and Collectors they are such iconic wellington stores. The thing is with vintage it’s luck and it’s more of a hunt, which I love. 

What’ is your ultimate go-to Wellington spot? Milk Crate would be my go-to for a coffee and salad, it’s really good and Precinct 35 is also a goodie. They’ve got that Wellington creative feel to them. They are really welcoming, different and unique - which is Wellington. 

Head to Iko Iko at 118 Cuba Street, Wellington or view online at

Lola Elle Bellamy-Hill - Thrift Vintage

What are you wearing? I am wearing a powder blue blouse by Early Bird New Zealand - it’s a vintage brand. This is a Dr Seuss 1996 American vintage jumper and blue plaid Kowtow culottes - it’s one of my fave pieces.  

How would you describe your style? Fantasia-animated but classic. I am a big fan of animation - especially Disney and also Looney Tunes. I have continued my love of animation to this day and I keep those motifs within most of the pieces I wear. 

Where is your favourite place to shop in Wellington? I love shopping at Thrift of course - because it's vintage and I am all about that life but also I personally like to shop at Aunty Dana’s which is an op-shop in Newtown. What draws me to it is that it’s run by Gender Minorities Aotearoa and I am a transgender diverse person myself. It's a way for me to engage with my community and to promote what I love - fashion. 

What is your ultimate go-to Wellington spot? I would often go to Customs on my lunch break and say hi to the girlies there and do a bit of journaling. I love chilled atmospheres and I tend to go out a lot and never cook, so I’ll go to a lot of the local eateries, how bougie is that of me. When you live in delusion like me that’s half the success of being Lola Elle Bellamy-Hill.

Check out Thrift Vintage at 162 Cuba Street, Wellington

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Raag Ponnuchetty – Good as Gold

What are you wearing? I am wearing a brand called Brain Dead and this is a shepherd beanie they made this season and also the matching vest. I just love being comfortable. And a Stan Ray boxed work jacket, their wider painter-pants and my shoes are New Balance. 

How would you describe your style? My style is heavily influenced by comfort for sure. When you are walking around on concrete all day for eight hours comfortable shoes are key. I love sweat pants, wool and anything comfy really. 

Where is your favourite place to shop in Wellington? I would have to say it would be GAG (Good as Gold), can I say that? This is literally the only place I shop. I mean this is just an outfit I would wear any day, anywhere and the majority of my clothes are from here. I have a passion for the brands too!

What is your ultimate go-to Wellington spot? I would say Seoul Salon, it’s run by a husband and wife duo who used to work at Ortega Fish Shack. Seoul Salon is a Korean-fusion restaurant and the food is amazing. What I love about the spot itself is that you always feel at home and when you go in they have rad service and the owners just give you a massive smile when you come in and it just always feels like it’s from the heart.

Visit Good as Gold in-store at 20 Bond Street, Wellington or view their collections at

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Good as Gold Raag
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Small Acorns Amanda and Maude v2

Amanda Holland - Small Acorns

What are you wearing? My jersey is from Area 51, my shirt is from Herriot and my skirt is Lee Matthews from David Jones. I am wearing these fair-trade bracelets made in Marli with recycled plastic, this bracelet is from Vilders Gallery in Aro Valley and my shoes are from Trademe so they were a good find.

How would you describe your style? I love clothes, I’ve got two teenaged daughters, so they always keep me in check. I’ve become more confident in my own sense of style and I don’t necessarily follow trends. I’m really into anything that resembles a tent or a sack, nothing remotely clingy is something I am more into. 

Where is your favourite place to shop in Wellington? Anything from No16 or Hunters and Collectors is a great buy. I do like small labels, so I do tend to buy Herriot from The Service Depot on Ghuznee Street, they have a lot of under the radar labels which I love. For casual clothes, you can’t beat Hurricane Denim for a good pair of jeans. Shopping for jeans is scary but it’s not scary when you go to Hurricane Denim. They are honest which is fantastic! 

What is your ultimate go-to Wellington spot? I am allowed to go out the back of Flowers by Manuela - it’s very special if you get to go at the back! I love flowers and you find lots of treasures that no one else gets to see.

Check out Small Acorns in-store on the corner Blair & Wakefield Street,  Wellington or view online

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Lady shopping at Precinct 35 on Ghuznee Street

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