Astley Nathan's wild weekend in Wellington

We lured Flava night show host Astley Nathan to Wellington with the promise of bottomless brunch - but he stayed for the amazing people, creativity and energy

Auckland-based radio host Astley had been to Wellington a couple of times before doing the Wild Weekend series but didn't really know much about it. "I knew it was windy, that the people there are coffee-obsessed and know lots about craft beer. Oh and the Beehive's there. That was Wellington to me." 

After spending two weekends here filming the Wild Weekend series, Astley was a Wellington convert. "It was the people that did it for me. There's so much creativity and energy here - everyone's got a story and they're more than happy to share it with you." 

Astley is taking 2021 to fully immerse himself in te reo Māori at Te Wānanga Takiura o Ngā Kura Kaupapa Māori o Aotearoa in Auckland. After that, we're hoping he'll be back to immerse himself in Wellington. 

Watch Astley's Wild Weekends 

Join Astley as he explores Wellington and takes on bottomless brunch, cooks mussel fritters for breakfast at Harbourside Market, tastes wild beers and wine at Garage Project's Wild Workshop, finds his fave Wellington street art, gets dressed up for CubaDupa, learns to paddle a waka and rides an e-bike to the top of Mount Victoria... and more!