Imagine This

Leading New Zealand journalist Jehan Casinader explores the Wellington business landscape in conversation with industry leaders, innovators and change-makers

Imagine This is a podcast about creative people who have started from their garages and kitchen tables, and built businesses that are making an impact. Right here in Wellington, in Aotearoa, and way beyond. Hear how they brought their wildest dreams to life, and what it's like to do business in Wellington.

Surrounded by nature and fuelled by creative energy, there’s no doubt that New Zealand’s creative capital has a vibrant, energetic vibe. It’s a place where start-up companies thrive, wild ideas are encouraged, and never-been-done-before business ideas can get off the ground.

Season Two

In the second season of Imagine This, you'll hear from the following Wellington business leaders:

  • James and Claire Fuller – co-founders of HNRY, New Zealand's largest digital accounting agency changing the lives of independent contractors, creatives, and the self-employed.  
  • Samantha Gadd - founder of Humankind, the modern HR company that is on a mission to change the working world, with a focus on creating employee-centered workplaces. Their purpose: Bring humanity to work.   
  • Erik Zydervelt - co-founder of Mevo, New Zealand's favourite car-sharing service changing how we move. Being completely carbon positive, Mevo are creating beautiful & more livable cities by providing a better alternative to private car ownership.
  • Jamie MacDonald – founder of Storypark, a for-purpose organisation dedicated to making a difference to the ECE space via technology that has connected and strengthened over 2 million early education experiences across the globe...and they're not stopping there.
  • Joe Slater - co-founder of Six Barrel Soda, the experimental NZ organic soda company that's changing the game for non-alcoholic beverages...and the rest of the world is catching on.
  • Veronica Harwood-Stevenson - founder of Humble Bee Bio, the Wellington-based company creating high-performance materials inspired by nature. Tackling plastic pollution in textiles with a novel bioplastic using microbes from the humble Solitary Bee.
  • Pete Gillespie - co-founder of Garage Project, the brewery dedicated to creativity and exceptional beer, catapulting Wellington into the ownership of the title 'Craft-Beer Capital' and with loyal fans the world over.
  • Peter and Robert Curry - co-founders of Dinosaur Polo Club, the BAFTA-nominated game studio nestled in the heart of Wellington, who are working to ensure the New Zealand games industry flourishes into a stable, sustainable place for others to continue to grow their careers 

Season One

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Presented by Jehan Casinader

In 2020, Jehan Casinader was named “Broadcast Reporter of the Year” at the Voyager Media Awards for his extensive coverage of the Christchurch terror attack. In 2018, he was named “Reporter of the Year” at the New Zealand Television Awards. 

Jehan has worked in the fast-past world of primetime TV for more than a decade. Most recently, he spent four years as the youngest ever correspondent for TVNZ’s flagship current affairs programme, Sunday. Previously, he reported for Seven Sharp, Close Up and Breakfast. 

Jehan specialises in reporting on social issues. He has interviewed Kiwis from all walks of life, including politicians, convicted killers, the leaders of Gloriavale, gold medal-winning athletes, and everyone in between. From gritty investigations to moving human interest pieces and revealing celebrity profiles – Jehan has done them all. He also produced and hosted TVNZ’s first-ever mental health series, The Inside Word

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