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Housing in Wellington

Looking for a place to live in Wellington? Here’s a rundown on your housing options. (And welcome to the city, by the way – you’re going to love it!)

Renting – pay as you go

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Many people choose to rent a home first and buy later. This gives you a chance to look around and get a feel for different areas before deciding on where to buy.

Rentals are regulated by the government in New Zealand, so you can have confidence in dealing with landlords and property managers. That said, it’s always a good idea to know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant before making a commitment. Tenancy Services is a government agency that can help you with this. For free advice and information on renting, call 0800 836 262, or check their website.

Like anywhere, costs of renting can vary depending on location, size and the condition of the property. As a benchmark, Tenancy Services provide up-to-date market rent information for Wellington suburbs and regions.

To look for a rental property, search our online property listings, which are pulled from Wellington’s own Trade Me Property website.

Buying a home – the Kiwi dream

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By international standards, the rate of individual home ownership in New Zealand is high. Owning your own home is something most New Zealanders aspire to.

If you’d like your own little piece of Wellington, you can begin your research before you arrive. Search our online property listings, which are pulled from Wellington’s own Trade Me Property website. Other popular sites listing homes for sale are Real Estate and Open2View.

Once you find a house you like, you should get a professional property inspection to check the property's durability, workmanship and structural soundness. Consumer Build can help you with this.

Water, power, phone and internet

Once you’ve found your Wellington home, you’ll want to get those essential services running.

Water is easy, because it’s provided by local authorities and paid for through rates – no monthly water bills in Wellington.

Power, phone and internet are all easy to establish through one of a number of competitive suppliers. Some houses also use gas for cooking and/or water heating. Electricity and gas are metered and billed monthly.

Take a look at some of the average costs per year for data and power usage in Wellington - for more information or to compare providers, visit

Speed type Download Upload Data Allowance Annual cost range including installation & modem 
Fibre 100 20 Unlimited $900 - $1180
VDSL 24 8.5 Unlimited $1045 - $1180
ADSL 10 1 Unlimited $1070 - $1190
Average electrical consumption in Wellington is 8719kw per year
Approximate annual cost $ 2300