Wellington is a foodie’s paradise

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, street food or fine dining, Wellington has it all

Aro Cafe cabinet

Answering the age-old question of what to have for dinner is a joy if you’re in Wellington.

With more eateries per capita than New York City, Wellington has something to curb any craving with hundreds of cafes, restaurants, street markets and food trucks serving some of the best food you’ll ever eat.

Become a part of Wellington’s weekend brunch culture or treat yourself to an afternoon coffee and freshly baked scone during your working week. We take pride in our food culture, with artisan coffee roasters, craft beer brewers and farm-to-table chefs making sure what you’re ordering is “Wellington-made”.

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Scopa pizza margherita
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The beauty of Wellington’s food scene is you can walk a couple of hundred metres down Cuba Street and find dozens of different cuisines, dining styles and price ranges to suit any appetite (and budget). With more than 80 nationalities represented in the Wellington region, we’ve developed a sophisticated palate with any number of international food options including mouth-watering Korean, Japanese, and Italian options to name a just a few.

Wellington also has several dedicated vegan and vegetarian restaurants, as well as most cafes and restaurants offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten and diary free options so no one misses out on a meal with friends.

And good food isn’t just found on the central streets of Wellington city. Wellington’s suburbs, Lower Hutt, Petone and Porirua, not to mention countless other spots around the region, boast some of New Zealand’s top eateries. Whether it’s ice cream, chocolate, fried chicken or wood-fired pizza, Wellington’s food regularly outshines options throughout the rest of the country.

To celebrate just how good our food is, the region hosts numerous food and wine festivals throughout the year. Our winter food fest Wellington on a Plate continues to grow in popularity and sheer deliciousness – it’s an event not to be missed.

Or you could find your own passion for food. Wellington has dozens of fruit and vegetable markets running every weekend for you to stock up on local produce, freshly baked bread and more. Shop at some of our specialty supermarkets or delicatessens to find the best organic produce, spices and products from Asia, or artisanal meats and cheeses. All we know is you’ll get your fill in Wellington.

Fruit stand at Riverbank Market in Lower Hutt