Why Wellington works for your career

Fuelled by a creative energy that makes life interesting, Wellington attracts makers, artisans and entrepreneurs making their mark on the world

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Wellington is affectionately known as New Zealand's creative capital. We have a thriving arts and culture scene, support and encourage creativity across all industries, and are known for our creative approach to getting things done. Artists, performers, and creators of all types have made a niche for themselves here.

Wellington’s thriving theatre and film scene has produced some of New Zealand’s best-known actors, performers, film and television industry professionals.

But our creativity doesn’t just stop at the arts…

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Here in Wellington, we're all about putting crazy ideas, creative solutions and innovative business plans into action. Here, it’s not crazy if it works, and if it works, there’s a place for it in Wellington.

We're a place that allows big aspirations and career goals to come to life alongside thriving ideas and new ways of thinking. Thousands of world-class entrepreneurs, collaborators and thought-leaders have made their home here and have set about creating innovative solutions to real world problems.

Right across the Wellington region, this is a place where start-up companies can flourish, individuals can tap into amazing learning opportunities, and small companies can compete on the world's stage.

Wellington’s working and start-up community is a network of collaboration and support. Events and networking opportunities are popping up all over the city, and shared workspaces foster the incubation of ideas and talent to help everyone succeed. We recognise that this city is only as good as the people that call it home.

Wellington has quickly become known as the country’s High-Tech capital, a Silicon Valley for the southern hemisphere, with the region having the greatest number of New Zealand’s fastest growing high-tech businesses. Many of these Kiwi tech companies have taken their innovative ideas and products to a global market.

And despite being on an island nation in the pacific, Wellington thrives on diverse ideas and global input. In fact, it makes us work that much harder to get global recognition.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Xero, Weta Workshop and Pik Pok what Wellington has done for them. But it’s not all about big business.

Wellington is where hundreds of business have made their humble beginnings. Whether you’re looking to live your culinary career, establish the next competitor to TikTok, or bring to life the best damn waffle the world has ever seen, Wellington is open to everyone.

Apart from being a great place to establish your career, Wellington is also one of the few cities in the world where you can pop out on your lunch break and be on a stunning trail within 15 minutes.

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Business New Zealand's Kirk Hope says that technology companies are choosing the capital because of its "really strong skills, and really strong communities of skills and networks, in particular, in relation to data management"


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