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The Wellington region offers a mild climate, with summer days averaging around 19°C - 24°C and winter days around 6°C - 9°C.

There are certain times of the year when the wind can get a little wild, especially around the South Coast, but average it out over the year and you get a respectable wind speed of 22km/h, the same as New York city!

Before you set off on your journey be sure to check the weather forecast in Wellington and the Wairapapa so you are well prepared.



Summer (December - February)

  • Average daily min:  13°C / 55°F
  • Average daily max:  20°C / 68°F

The regions summer weather is pleasant, with the hottest time of year being around late January.  Good sun protection is advised if you're out on the trail.



Autumn (March - May)

  • Average daily min:  11°C / 52°F
  • Average daily max:  16°C / 61°F

The weather gets cooler at this time of year but the skies remain cloud-free.  Be sure to pack a few extra layers just in case they're needed.

Daylight Saving ends on the first Sunday in April, which means that clocks go back one hour and it gets darker earlier



Winter (June - August)

  • Average daily min:  6°C / 44°F
  • Average daily max:  11°C / 53°F

You're more likely to get rain than frosts through the winter months, although only 5% of rain is classified as heavy.  With this in mind, make sure your cycling gear is made up of more waterproof items than woollen.



Spring (September - November)

  • Average daily min:  9°C / 48°F
  • Average daily max:  15°C / 60°F

Rising temperatures mean fresher breezes, however this wind is often from the north so is warmer and drier than the southerlies of winter.  Layers of clothing are a good idea while out cycling the trail.

Daylight Saving begins the last Sunday in September, which means the clocks go forward one hour and the evenings last longer.