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Park Road Post is the world’s most welcoming post production destination. It houses a unique combination of services; from a world class laboratory, through telecine, digital intermediate and HD post production, to Academy Award® winning sound post production.

To have all of these services, at such a high standard, under one roof, is rare in the screen production world today. Their aim has been to create an environment that is very special, and then act as facilitators for each client’s own unique creative experience. To this end they've incorporated an uncompromised level of comfort and customer service.

Laboratory services

  • From negative processing ( 16mm & 35mm, black & white and colour) through dailies and post-production to release print.
  • First in the world to achieve Kodak’s Imagecare accreditation.

Telecine & digital intermediate

  • Unique Workflow & Creative Power – Park Road Post offers Spirit and Arri Scan as the starting point in their digital intermediate workflow. Online conforming and editing takes place in our Quantel iQ suite.  There is a versatile and flexible toolbox at the colour grade stage, with the Quantel QColor, Pandora and Lustre systems available at this crucial part of the creative process.
  • Film output is via Arri Laser. SD and HD output for for distribution in all standards and formats.
  • 2K Grading Theatre equipped with a Barco DP100, projecting onto a 6 metre screen at 2:2.35.


  • From concept to final mix.
  • Editing & tracklaying.
  • Foley.
  • ADR stage with large screen digital picture playback.
  • Three dubbing theatres, the larger two featuring fully automated 274 channel Euphonix System 5 consoles and a smaller theatre which has a 70 channel System 5 console.

Also at Park Road Post

  • Digital dailies
  • ISDN & Dolby Fax
  • Opticals - from basic dissolves to complex titles
  • Production office space available for lease
  • Three fully-furnished, one bedroom apartments
  • Café
  • Gymnasium
  • Screening theatre
  • Airport transfers
  • Private lounges
  • Meeting/function rooms


Editing / Editors
  • Editors
  • Sound
Production / post production
  • Post production digital