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Search Screen locations

  • Key features Red rocks
  • Situated Within Wellington Travel Zone
    10km to Stone Street Studios
    27km to Avalon Studios
  • Location access Public

Red Rocks (Pari-whero) is an area of national significance with fascinating geology and Maori history. Located on the southern tip of Wellington, Red Rocks are ancient pillow lava formed 200 million years ago by undersea volcanic eruptions. Small amounts of iron oxides give the rocks their distinctive red colouring. 

This unspoiled, rural area also features a pebble beach, choppy coastline and nearby quarry. 

A small group of historic batches built in the early 1900's can be reached by the coastal track and further around the coast there are some excellent views from gun emplacements and lookouts built during the major wars. On Sundays, the gate is closed and the route is only open for walkers and mountain bikers.

Location details:

  • Full vehicle access up to the visitor centre
  • Toilet and changing facilities at visitor centre
  • 4WD access on coastal track
  • Ample parking at Visitor Centre
  • Vehicle access on beach
  • Restricted access to some of the regenerating dune areas