International Student Alumni Award

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Alumni Award Category

Cultural diversity contributes to the vibrancy of our communities and to the diversity of thought of our workplaces. We want to recognise the achievements of international student graduates, and their contributions to our region.

The judges will select up to two winners in this category. Alumni an apply for themselves, or be nominated by a workmate or a peer.

International Student Alumni Award

Examples of alumni achievement can nclude but are not limited to success in your chosen profession, significant contribution to the community, advocacy for Wellington and/or New Zealand since graduating from Wellington.

Eligibility Criteria

The Alumni Achievement Award is open to international student graduates who previously studied in the Wellington region.

Alumni applicants must have studied at an educational institution in the Wellington region for more than four months. Applicants must have held overseas citizenship (not citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand or Australia) during their period of study in Wellington. Applicants will be asked to provide proof of enrolment at a Wellington

Note: Former recipients of a Wellington International Student Excellence Award in any of the International Student categories are eligible to apply under the Alumni category.

Former recipients of an award in the Alumni category are not eligible to apply again.

Application Information 

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