International Student Award Categories

International students are an important part of the Wellington community and we want to celebrate the value and impact they bring to our region.

Excellence can be achieved at any age. The judges will consider the the level of study when selecting up to twelve winners across the following six categories.

Submit ONE application only per student, and select the category which best reflects key achievements.

1. Academic Excellence 

Examples of academic excellence can include but are not limited to achieving and maintaining a high level of academic performance for a given level of study, recipient of academic prizes, noted research work projects and publication.   

2. Creativity 

Examples of creative accomplishments can include but are not limited to visual arts (painting, photography, etc.), performance (dance, music, etc.), creative media (video production, graphic design, etc.). 

3. Sports  

Examples of sporting achievements can include but are not limited to involvement in regional, national and international level sports competitions, demonstration of excellent sportsmanship, raising awareness about sport among young people. 

4. Community Engagement  

Examples of community engagement can include but are not limited to building connections between your institution and the local community, volunteer roles, charity fundraising, promoting cultural diversity. If your community engagement was in response to the Covid-19 Alert levels, please apply under the 'Community Resilience' category. 

5. Community Resilience  

Example of community resilience in response to the Covid-19 Alert levels can include, but not limited to supporting other international students or the community in the Covid-19 lockdowns, volunteering to provide support to vulnerable people within the community. If your community engagement was unrelated to the Covid-19 Alert levels, please apply under the 'Community Engagement' category. 

6. Leadership 

Examples of leadership activities can include but are not limited to organising and managing a team activity, motivating a team to achieve a specified goal, being an inspirational role model for international students or your community.  

7. Online Education Community Award

Examples of online education community engagement can include but are not limited to being flexible, resilient, having positivity and self-management while faced with a global pandemic and studying online; thriving in education and providing support and leadership in the online international community of your Wellington institution. 

Eligibility Criteria

Award categories 1-6 are open to international students currently studying in the Wellington region.

Award category 7 is open to international students who are enrolled in a Wellington institution and are currently studying online.

International student applicants must hold current overseas citizenship and not be a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand or Australia. Applicants must have studied at an educational institution in the Wellington region for four months or more of the 2020 academic year. Applicants should have a valid Study Visa for New Zealand (Except for the Online Education Awards Category). Applicants will be asked to provide proof of enrolment at a Wellington institution.

Note: Former recipients of a Wellington International Student Excellence Award are not eligible to apply under any of these award categories.

Application Information 

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