Work Ready in Wellington Programme

Work Ready in Wellington is a free programme of learning designed to prepare international tertiary students for working life in New Zealand.

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Learn all the skills you need to launch an exciting career in the capital on a Work Ready in Wellington Programme hosted by WellingtonNZ.

Delivered over five 2-hour sessions, a group of local experts and tutors from the local business community will teach you everything you need to know about workplace culture in New Zealand, along with the skills you need to successfully find employment in Wellington. You'll also receive a Work Ready in Wellington completion certificate to add to your CV. By completing this Programme you will also get access to special upskilling Clinics throughout the year.

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Who should attend

This programme is specifically designed for international tertiary students who are currently studying or have recently graduated. We will ask you to provide your most recent student ID number upon registration. If you are already employed or a domestic student, the skills and information covered in this course will not be particularly relevant to you.

Topics covered

  • New Zealand work culture
  • Workplace communication
  • CVs and cover letters
  • Job search strategies
  • Job interview techniques
  • Wellness at work
  • Worker Rights in New Zealand

Work Ready in Wellington 2020 courses

Courses are planned for the following months (participants are expected to attend sessions on all five dates in each course).

Course 1

  • Monday 30 March, 6-8pm: Workplace communication
  • Tuesday 31 March, 6-8pm: CVs and cover letters
  • Monday 6 April, 6-8pm: Employee rights, wellness and immigration
  • Thursday 9 April, 6-8pm: Interviews
  • Monday 13 April, 6-8pm: Job search strategies

Registrations are now closed.

Course 2 (Online)

  • Monday 11 May, 3-5pm: Job search strategies
  • Wednesday 13 May, 3-5pm: Employee rights, wellness and immigration
  • Monday 18 May, 3-5pm: CVs and cover letters
  • Wednesday 20 May, 3-5pm: Interviews
  • Monday 25 May, 3-5pm: Workplace Communication

Registrations are now closed.

Course 3 (Online)

  • Tuesday 14 July, 3-4:30pm: Job search strategies
  • Wednesday 15 July, 3-4:30pm: Workplace communication
  • Monday 20 July, 3-4:30pm: CVs and cover letters
  • Wednesday 22 July, 3-4:30pm: Interviews
  • Monday 27 July, 3-4:30pm: Employee rights and Wellness
  • Wednesday 29 July, 3-4pm: Immigration 

Registrations are now closed.

Course 4 (Online)

  • Monday 7 September, 5:30pm – 7pm: Job search strategies
  • Wednesday 9 September, 5:30pm – 7pm: Workplace communication
  • Monday 14 September, 5:30pm - 7pm: CVs and cover letters
  • Wednesday 16 September, 5:30pm -7:30pm: Interviews
  • Monday 21 September, 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Immigration
  • Wednesday 23rd September 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Connecting to Employers and Recruiters
  • Thursday 24th September 5:30pm – 7pm: Employee rights and wellness

Registrations closed.

Course 5

  • Monday 2 November, 5:30pm - 7pm: Job search strategies
  • Wednesday 4 November, 5:30pm - 7pm: Workplace communication
  • Monday 9 November, 5:30pm - 7pm: CVs and cover letters
  • Wednesday 11 November, 5:30pm - 7pm: Interviews
  • Monday 16 November, 5:30pm - 7pm: Employee rights, wellness 
  • Wednesday 18 November, 5:30pm - 6:30pm: Immigration
  • Monday 23 November, 5:30pm - 6:30pm: Connecting with employers and recruiters 


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