WellingtonNZ workplace internships

Opportunities for a tertiary level international student in Wellington to gain experience of working in a New Zealand workplace.

Employee Connect Programme Roles

WellingtonNZ runs the Employee Connect Programme each year. The aim of this programme is to change employers’ perceptions of international students. Providing opportunities and foster pathways for students into the workforce. Connecting employers with international students within the Wellington region.

The goal is about changing perceptions providing meaningful experiences for students and highlight to future employer’s new talent and skills through a morning or afternoon business experience networking event.

There are two positions available for international students (one graduate level and one internship level) looking to support their community while gaining work experience.

Apply now

Do you want to be part of a diverse organisation making a difference to Wellington? We would love to hear from you.

For more information on these exciting opportunity or to apply with your CV and cover letter, please email Sarah Grant, WISGP Specialist, at [email protected] by 5pm, Wednesday 24th March 2021.