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Work Ready and WREDA internship case studies

Stories from international students who have completed a combination of the Work Ready in Wellington and WREDA internship programmes and how this gave them a boost to find work in Wellington.

WREDA internship case studies

Diego Bonelli

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Why Wellington? Was there a reason you chose Wellington over other cities around the world?

First of all, I decided to do my PhD in an English-speaking country because I wanted to be able to connect with researchers and professionals from all over the world. Secondly, I have always been passionate about geography and travelling: New Zealand always seemed to me like one of those remote, dreamlands that I would never have had the chance to visit. Moreover, a dear friend of mine lived here for a couple of years: he used to describe New Zealand as a place of stunning beauty and Wellington as a beautiful and friendly city. By mid-2013 I decided I wanted to move here. I wrote a research proposal and I contacted Victoria University, where I soon found supervisors who encouraged me to apply for a scholarship. I was awarded a Victoria Doctoral Scholarship at the end of 2013 and arrived here in June 2014.

Allen Zhu

Allen Zhu WREDA Intern

Why did you choose to study in Wellington?
Wellington is compact where you can walk anywhere you need to go, which I really enjoy. I was also attracted to Wellington by the diversity of the city, there are always so many different events and experiences going on.

Irene Yang

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What's your favourite thing to do in Wellington?
I like to hang out with my friends here in the city. Sometimes we walk along Oriental Bay admiring the view or other times we enjoy coffee and cuisine in different cafes on Cuba Street. Top tip: Try the fried chicken waffles at Fidel's on Cuba Street - this is my favourite cafe! As I love food, exploring Wellington's many great cafes and restaurants is my favourite thing to do here.

Harold Kang

WT01 0113

What did you find most valuable about the Work Ready programme?
I completed the Work Ready programme in October 2017 and I thought it was a great way to prepare for work life in Wellington. It also helped me to build my confidence when searching for a job.

Work Ready programme case studies

Vinh Nguyen

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Why did you choose to study in Wellington?

Victoria University has a pathway programme with the Economics University in Ho Chi Minh City. This made it easy for me to enrol in Victoria University and it was also a good option for me financially. I didn't know much about Wellington and even though it was a practical decision for me to come here, once I moved I fell in love with the city and really enjoy living here.

Sue Zhu

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What's your favourite thing to do in Wellington?

In Wellington I love to go and see different shows at the theatre and watch rugby games at the stadium. There are so many different types of shows, from ballet to art to music, there's always something on that you can go and see. I am also really into my coffee and I love exploring great coffee shops - Wellington's flat whites are always world class!

Konstantina Vasileva

Konstantina by VUW

Why did you choose to study in Wellington?

I have always dreamed of coming to New Zealand so I was ecstatic when I received an offer of place from both University of Auckland and Victoria University of Wellington. It was difficult to choose between them as both universities have fantastic reputations but I felt like Wellington would be a better fit for me as a city. It has turned out to be a great choice, it has a vibrant lifestyle and the work opportunities typical of big cities, but it's also compact, charming and very walkable. It has been a great city for my partner and I to live in with many job opportunities here for him.